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getting closer now..scared.

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scaredoftheboss Wed 05-Jan-05 23:20:11

not sure this is the right place to post but my so called "case discussion" looms. (name change btw..well you never know who's looking!) my tribunal date was changed to "case discussion" and im really dreading seeing my ex employer. does anyone know what a case discussion involves? ive tried to ask my man at the cab but he seems to have no faith or interest. am i allowed to respond or does it have to be my representative speaking? can i take notes with me (dont laugh). i have no problem with telling the truth but i will be so nervous i will forget things and clam up, always happens. im not picturing a big court, stand and all that dont get me wrong but im feeling so out of my depth here! any advice for a gibbering wreck?

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