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nappyaddict Sun 13-Apr-08 11:21:06

does it get paid in one lump sum or does it get paid in two separate amounts? Does it get paid weekly or monthly?

VictorianSqualor Sun 13-Apr-08 11:31:22

When I was working I got it all at once, once a month.
Now DP gets the WTC and I get the CTC, again monthly.

littlelamb Sun 13-Apr-08 11:36:47

I get mine in a weekly lump sum.

nappyaddict Sun 13-Apr-08 11:38:17

VS - did you choose to get it monthly or did they just do it like that?

VictorianSqualor Sun 13-Apr-08 11:41:39

I think it just came like that.

fiodyl Sun 13-Apr-08 11:58:25

i get it 4 weekly both of them paid together didnt ask 4 it thats just the way they did it.
Also i get different amounts everytime, no idea why

nappyaddict Sun 13-Apr-08 11:59:23

maybe littlelamb requested it to be paid weekly then? or maybe they just pick and choose what they fancy.

maggymay Sun 13-Apr-08 12:11:31

we get ours weekly we chose this on the form we filled in and both paid into one account as a lump sum, we could have had wtc paid to dh and ctc to myself if we had wanted its your choice

VictorianSqualor Sun 13-Apr-08 12:14:15

The reason I can't get both is because DP has to get the WTC as he works, but as the DC's are mine, not his I have to get the CTC.

nappyaddict Sun 13-Apr-08 12:15:07

can fathers not claim CTC then.

fiodyl Sun 13-Apr-08 12:17:00

i think ctc has to go to the main carer but wtc u can choose who it goes to

VictorianSqualor Sun 13-Apr-08 12:17:14

If they were his yes, but step-parents can't apparently.
I thought it was strange as we made one claim, together and then it got paid in two parts.

littlelamb Sun 13-Apr-08 12:17:23

I think they offered it to me weekly because I am a single parent and they assume I could do with the cash each week (which is certainly true!) I would find it a struggle to budget it properly if I only recieved it monthly. But I am sure anyone can request to have it paid weekly- it would make no difference to them, you would till be getting the same ammount.

VictorianSqualor Sun 13-Apr-08 12:17:49

fiodyl, the WTC has to go to the person working, because ours couldn't go into my bank.

fiodyl Sun 13-Apr-08 12:21:44

i dont work but i get the wtc and the ctc

VictorianSqualor Sun 13-Apr-08 12:25:23

curiouser and curiouser....

nappyaddict Sun 13-Apr-08 12:28:25

VS - my cousin does too that's why i was intrigued.

fiodyl Sun 13-Apr-08 12:36:26

i think they make the rules up as they go along i really do as there seems to b no logic to how or wot they pay

wen both myself and dp were working we got mote wtc than now wen only he works

nappyaddict Sun 13-Apr-08 12:37:29

its because if its more than 30 hours combined they give you extra.

fiodyl Sun 13-Apr-08 12:39:40

but he does more than 30hours on his own anyway

nappyaddict Mon 14-Apr-08 00:19:33

oh, no idea then.

ingonitoIRbod Mon 14-Apr-08 05:20:01

If only one of you work, the WTC will be paid to the person that works, the CTC will go to main carer, if one of you stay at home with dc, the CTC will be paid to them. If you both work, you can choose who gets what and can have it all paid in one lump to one or the other person.
There is of course the situation where the bank account is a joint account and same account is given to us for both people, then of course it all goes in together in lump sum.
You choose whether it is paid weekly or 4 weekly.
Fiodyl, when both you and your dp worked you will have gotton more WTC than you do now, because the WTC is worked out for each person, so now only one of you work you have lost your WTC, if your household income has dropped though your CTC should have gone up.


nappyaddict Mon 14-Apr-08 11:44:21

how come fiodyl gets the WTC when she doesn't work though?

oiFoiF Mon 14-Apr-08 11:51:50

i work and dont get wtc. I really do not understand wtc at all

nappyaddict Mon 14-Apr-08 11:59:29

you have to work at least 16 hours and be on less that 17.5k

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