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Help for my sister please

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Peckarollover Tue 28-Dec-04 19:20:22


Not sure if you read my other thread but my sister is in hospital since being knocked over on christmas eve. She will be in for a while and in a wheel chair for a while afterwards - it will be some time before she returns to work.

She is self employed partly and works as a waitress to supplement that income. Where will she stand with regards to sick pay? Is there any other help available?

Im very worried as she was already in financial trouble and fear things will all start to go very wrong.

tillykins Tue 28-Dec-04 19:30:50

I think you can claim something called incapacity benefit instead if you are sick for 4 days plus, which your sister obviously will be

tillykins Tue 28-Dec-04 19:34:08

this site tells you about it

SantaClausfrau Tue 28-Dec-04 19:35:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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