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The Bank stuffed up....what can I do?

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KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 21:02:11

I'm going to Maderia tomorrow

I've just noticed that the loacl bracnh has paid in £500 on Thursday

I only paid in £400....normally I'd just go in and let them know - so that no-one got into trouble.

But obviously I'm out of the country until the 4th Jan.
Do I try to ring telephone banking this evening/tomorrow am....or what? If I let the tel banking people know will my nice lady get into trouble??
If they aren't open what do I do??

Why Me?? couldn't this have happened to someone without a consience (sp)

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:04:14

Hi KatieMaChristmas
They'll probably have sorted the mistake out by now anyway, they usually notice things like this really quickly.
Could you just write to the local branch of yur bank and tell them, they can sort it out whilst you are away then???
Madeira - lucky you, have a lovely time

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 21:06:31

Great idea - i'll write to them and get my mum to drop it in...Thanks for the idea

Can't wait til tomorrow - chirstmas has been a bit of an anticlimax

coppertop Sat 25-Dec-04 21:08:16

Yes they will already know by now anyway. I once paid some money into my account but it didn't register at all. Luckily I'd paid over the counter and still had the counterfoil thingy which proved I'd paid. The woman at the customer services desk said that any discrepancy in the till would have been discovered and noted. Sure enough one of the tills was £50 over what it should have been. I'd leave it until after the holiday but just don't spend the extra.

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