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Quick question for W&R (sorry I know it's xmas)

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jingleballs Fri 24-Dec-04 13:49:38

hiya hon,

sorry I know it's xmas but I have a quick question for you. My aunty is seein a chap who's divorced, he has 2 children (12/8) from his second marriage, - whom he pays the maintenace for, all the clothes, and school trips. He also pays the house hold bills etc.. when their mother spends all the house keeping money etc.. so in effect he pays the morgage, elc, food, and gas etc... His ex is an alcohlic apparently and a realy Bi@&h. anyhow, My anuty and this chap were ment to be moving in together, but, the ex has told the dad that if he does this she will stop him seeing his children completely (naturally both he and my aunty don't want that to happen) he's worried she can do this thou. What rights is he entitled to? I assume she doesn't want them to set up hom as then he will not be able to pay for her house etc.. they have been seperted for 2 yrs. Is it possible for him to seek custody of the children (I think this is what he'd like to do, the idea was he and my aunty would provide a stable home for them both) as I say thou he's worried he won't be able to see his kids which is obviously his main concern.

Thanks for ur time. JB

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Fri 24-Dec-04 14:16:23

Message deleted

jingleballs Sun 26-Dec-04 09:32:34

thanks W&R, I think he's reluctant to go thru the courts etc... but naturally worships his children and doesn't want to stop seeing them. I assume they will have to prove his ex is an alcholic, and drinking all of the bill money as it were? Would it be a tough job if he was to go for full custody? As I understand it he does work a way form hom a lot as he's a builder, althou I think he'd stay local etc.. 9-5 as it were if he had to for his children.

Thanks again. Hope you had a nice xmas. and Santa was nice to you

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Sun 26-Dec-04 12:38:28

Message deleted

jingleballs Tue 28-Dec-04 15:29:30

they're not, unfortunatly, as it stands he's going to do as his EX demands and stop seein my aunty so he can still see his children. it's a bit naughty really what the ex has done, but still, we don't know what goes on behind the closed doors.

Glad santa was good to you, waitin for him to come to my house still. (will do when DH returns in 2 weeks!)

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