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Anyone used PAYPLAN debt management ????

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ChristmasCracker Thu 23-Dec-04 09:24:35

I am in deep S**T money wise at the mo and think i may need help. No i know i do, but not sure what to do.

A friend told me about payplan who are a free debtmanagement company apparently set up by the goverment.

Have had a look at their wensite and it all seems great but, the only thing is, i would have to get rid of my debit card, which would mean no food shopping online or anything else either.

Anyone else done this ??

ChristmasCracker Thu 23-Dec-04 10:39:33


SantaFio2 Thu 23-Dec-04 10:40:27

go to CAB sweetie, they will help you

there is a national debt helpline aswell but I dont know what it is

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 10:41:08

Why would you have to get rid of your debit card? I've looked at the site and it doesn't say anything about that. It's not credit, so you should be able to keep it imo. If you have credit cards otoh then you prob would have to get rid of them.

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 10:42:12

here is national debtline

ChristmasCracker Thu 23-Dec-04 10:43:39

Someone i know has already used them and they had to declare all the debt and get rid of their debit card, pverdraft etc and just go back to a basic normal account.

I don't mind not having a overdraft but really ned the debit card, or else it means Asda with 3 kids and a stresed out mom

Am a bit scared of going to CAB tbh

ChristmasCracker Thu 23-Dec-04 10:43:59

Thanks WWW

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 10:45:52

Hey, don't be scared! Why don't you ring them (it's free) and see what they say. I agree, you do NOT want to go to Asda with children if there's any way of avoiding it

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 10:46:34

They can't make you do anything! They can advise you and help you but you don't have to agree to anything.

ChristmasCracker Thu 23-Dec-04 10:48:23

Feel like such a prat for getting in this mess in the first place. Wouldn't mind if it was cos i went out partying all ther time and brought things we didn't need, but we don't, it's just a case of our outgoings going up and our incomings staying the same.

I'll try and ring later when Ds is asleep.

happymerryberries Thu 23-Dec-04 10:59:25

Don't be scared of going to the CAB. They deal with this sort of thing every day and they are very good at it. They will have your best interests at heart and will do what is best for you. Nothing that you say will shock or surprise them, they have heared it all before.

Please make an appointment, the sooner you do it the better.

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