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Oh dear, do I need to find myself a solicitor over our rented house?

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TheCattleWereLowryn Wed 22-Dec-04 08:11:07

I really hope that someone out there knows whether we are in the right or whether we need a solicitor...
Long story, the house that we started renting last week seemed perfect for us. We have a large three piece suite and needed good access into the lounge. This house had aluminium double doors leading into the garden and we thought, excellent we can use these if the interior doors too small.
Anyway we turned up on the day to find that the key to the double doors did not work. We called the letting agent who said that they would call the previous tenants.
They called back to say that the previous tenants had never opened the doors.
Eventually the contacted the landlord (solicitor) who said that the doors hadn't been opened in 30 years and he had not intention of opening them.
Of course we were mad as we needed to get our furniture in. We had never been told that they didn't open and wouldn't have rented the place had we known.

The letting agent sent a locksmith round and the landlord sent a formal letter round saying that the doors had been permanently sealed and if we intended to open them we would have to give him a further £1000 deposit and get a proper company to do it.

Anyway, with a bit of jiggling, wd40 and a knock with a hammer on the hinges, the doors opened. Professionally sealed my arse!
The locksmith said that they had just been locked and then painted over, over the years.

We got our furniture in and have shut the doors again.

Anyway the landlord has sent someone round to photograph the "damage" and today we received the inventory (A week late) that says - Double doors to garden - Sealed shut, no access allowed
Since the letting agent didn't know that these doors didn't open, this is a new addition to the inventory since the last tenants!

Where do we stand if he choses to sue us for opening the doors?

jingleballs Wed 22-Dec-04 09:03:49

wheres young W&R I think this is her area isn't it?

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Wed 22-Dec-04 09:25:49

Message deleted

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Wed 22-Dec-04 09:27:04

Message deleted

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 09:29:47

I'm a tenant too Lowryn and I'd be v cross with doors like this. I'm no legal expert but doesn't there have to be access in case of fire? At the last place we rented some windows were painted shut in one of the bedrooms and the local council told me that they had to be opened for fire safety reasons. The landlord was therefore forced to send someone round to get them open. Good luck, I hope someone can help.

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Wed 22-Dec-04 14:07:20

Message deleted

TheCattleWereLowryn Wed 22-Dec-04 18:07:12

Lovely lovely lovely. I thought it might be a fire hazard, but with him being a solicitor and all I thought that he would know from the law point of view what he can get away with.
Thanks, I feel a bit less stressed about it now

lisalisa Thu 23-Dec-04 11:25:23

Message withdrawn

Xmasspongecake Thu 23-Dec-04 11:39:35

Surely since he provided this inventory after you opened the doors it can't apply to this act.

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Thu 23-Dec-04 11:54:49

Message deleted

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