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thithes and rent charges - help?

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tatt Tue 21-Dec-04 12:27:43

our buyer's solicitor is claiming there is still a liability in respect of a tihe on our land. Our understanding was that the annual rents resulting from such tithes ceased to be relevant in the 1970s. The sum involved is either £50 or a share of it so a pittance and no one has ever asked us to pay. Any legal eagles about? We bought the house so long ago it wouldn't be feasible to go back to the solicitor involved then.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Tue 21-Dec-04 13:06:27


tatt Tue 21-Dec-04 13:12:32

thanks for the bump. I found this

where para 56 seems to cover it. Is my buyer's solicitor as much of a pain as I think?

DoesntChristmasDragOn Tue 21-Dec-04 13:15:12

If my filing system was better, I'd be able to dig out what was said about the tithes payable on our property when we bought it. The upshot was that they were no longer due anyway. Ours were payable to the church.

tatt Tue 21-Dec-04 13:27:51

found lots of other references on google to aboilition in the 1977 finance act. With two solicitors involved you'd think they could sort it out faster than me!

DoesntChristmasDragOn Tue 21-Dec-04 14:31:15

Surely it's not your place to sort this out, it's down to your solicitor. Can you just reply "it is my understanding that these are no longer payable and we have not been asked for payment in however long we've lived here" ?

lisalisa Tue 21-Dec-04 15:10:54

Message withdrawn

tatt Wed 22-Dec-04 02:46:20

no not chancel repairs - they aren't limited to £50 a year. They may not come across them often but you pay solicitors for their knowledge!

lisalisa Thu 23-Dec-04 12:48:15

Message withdrawn

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