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Bought something off eBay and not happy....

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justwantedtoknow Mon 20-Dec-04 23:33:26

Basically I won this which arrived today and I'm disappointed to find it's miniature. The problem is it doesn't state this anywhere on the seller's description, and although I've emailed him today he's replied saying that if I was a collector like him, I would have known it was not full size, and that he didn't have to state it was miniature.
Is this right do you think? I thought Trade Descriptions meant you were supposed to give sizes etc, or maybe I should have thought to check first???
Any advice welcomed.....

rickman Mon 20-Dec-04 23:52:43

Message withdrawn

justwantedtoknow Mon 20-Dec-04 23:54:16

Well the normal ones are about the same size as say an Action Man. This one is about 4" x 5".

rickman Mon 20-Dec-04 23:58:27

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Tue 21-Dec-04 00:36:09

What about the negative feedback option? He has 148 stars so he is considered a reliable seller. He won't like the neg feedback at all and may resolve things. You could ask him to resolve things and if not then you will post neg feedback?

Frizbethereindeer Tue 21-Dec-04 06:40:37

bit unfair posting negative feedback though, when you could have mailed him and double checked the size of it, if you weren't sure? Hopefully he'll take this onboard and pop the size on it in future?

pixiefish Tue 21-Dec-04 07:57:16

I'm afraid that he hasn't done anything wrong really- he can argue that you should have asked what size it was. Try selling it on ebay if you don't like it

DoesntChristmasDragOn Tue 21-Dec-04 08:12:22

Have to say that if I'm selling anything where the size isn't obvious , I put it in the description. The item has been badly described IMO but the seller hasn't really done anything wrong - as the size wasn't clear he should have stated it but you should have asked. Does the picture look as if it could have been the action man sized version? I would not have expected it to be that big from the picture (but know nothing of these items). I guess the point is that not everyone is a collector like the seller so he should have included the size.

Sell it on Ebay. If you don't feel you can leave positive feedback, you could leave neutral saying that future descriptions/buyers should include/check sizes.

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Tue 21-Dec-04 08:36:54

Message deleted

singsong Tue 21-Dec-04 15:23:05

Sorry justwantedtoknow but I agree that the seller hasn’t done anything wrong and I think it would definitely be unfair to post negative feedback. He was scanty with the info in his description though and I would say that the more info you can give the better when selling on ebay. But he didn’t actually say anything to mislead you. It would have been a lot different if he had told you what size it was and then when the item turned up it was a different size to what he’d said. You can always use the ‘ask seller a question’ option to clarify details.

Piffleoffagus Tue 21-Dec-04 15:28:32

If you let him know that you're not a collector like him and does he any helpful ideas on how to resolve the situation.
As a seller myself I do everything to sort out a dispute, even contacting underbidders and offering full refunds...
He should do the same!

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