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money grabbing Virgin media...........

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FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 10:39:40

arghh - trying to get all the utility accounts etc (which are mostly in H's name, one or two in both - none in mine) into my name.

Anglia Water and EON - no problem
Council Tax - have a form to send back to them
TVL - H writing a letter to confirm the transfer into my name.

Virgin Media.........have sent me/us a form to fill in. They want to charge H £20 on his account to transfer into a different name, and then I would have to pay 2 months charges in one bear in mind that I pay for the Virgin Account (despite it being in H's name) and have only just paid for the March they want me to pay for this month (current month) AGAIN and for next month, plus £20 - so nearly £100!!!!

Fecking money grabbers.........H and I have agreed that we'll just leave it as it is for now as I don't have the money to do it!

prettybird Tue 11-Mar-08 12:05:58

Would your dh thne get a "refund" for March? .... and is that why the cahrge the £20, so they don't need to give the refunds?! hmm

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 12:26:19

got knows......doesn't say anywhere on the forms they've sent us that he I would.

coppertop Tue 11-Mar-08 12:33:50

Could you get around it by cancelling it and then opening an account in your name? Obviously no good if you're still in the first 12 months of the contract though (or however long it is that you have to initially sign up for).

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 13:02:47

I'd still have to pay for 2 months (current month, and the following one as you pay for services a month in advance).....which would still be £60-70 (plus however much they charge to open a new account)........also I'm not sure what would happen to my phone number - really want to keep it the same.......

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 11-Mar-08 13:03:51

Call them and tell them you will leave for Sky. They will be clamouring at your feet.

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 13:25:15

I suppose it's worth a try......

lilacclaire Tue 11-Mar-08 17:36:37

Can't you give notice to cancel the account, then set up a new one in your name? Or would that leave you without services?

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 19:02:20

would probably end up leaving me without services - and I'd still end up having to pay for 2 months worth of charges on my first bill and I think I'd get charged "installation" charge too hmm

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 19:03:32

plus it would mean I'd end up with a new phone number and I really don't want to have to do that.....

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 19:03:39

plus it would mean I'd end up with a new phone number and I really don't want to have to do that.....

iamdingdong Tue 11-Mar-08 19:05:08

I have had run in with virgin over broadband - since they took over NTL I've been paying for both services hmm so having given them several chances to sort it out, I'm going to the press, join me?

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 19:07:06

well I'll ring them tomorrow and threaten to go to Sky if they don't sort it out in a way that's affordable to me......(I'd never go back to sky - yes Virgin Customer service is bad, but Sky is even worse IME grin)

iamdingdong Tue 11-Mar-08 19:14:33

I agree about sky, had a run in with them too blush and will never return!

wibblyswobbly Tue 11-Mar-08 21:04:25

i am a long standing virgin customer [18 mths] and decided that i was paying too much for my tv, phone and broadband earlier this month, so i called them. got through to a department in wales and explained that i was not happy paying nearly £70 a month in total. the lovely lady then worked out that i can have free phone calls, extra TV progshmm and broadband all for the princly sum of £34 a month!!!! ok its still virgin but having saved over half my usual bill i was most impressed, and although its a new 12 month contract i will be ringing them back in approx 15 mths time to see what they can do for me then. oh and i have always kept my number as it is transferable.

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 21:11:51

oh I managed to have our bill cut down to £30 a month too (I say "I" as it's actually H's account)'s just this wanting to have the account in my name that's the issue.

I know the number is transferrable if your move house etc etc, but by rights this is H's number and I don't think you can transfer a number that's in his name to an account in my name,

mumnannymum Tue 11-Mar-08 21:27:33

Our account is in H name but I had to get him to inform them that I was 'allowed' to discuss the account with them. I was annoyed as I wanted the account to be in both our names as Mr and Mrs as its like all things a JOINT account but he is named on the account and I am now able to discuss our account if any problems. Must ring up and see if we can cut the costs too. Ours is close to £90!!!!!

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 21:36:27

you (apparently) can't have 2 people named on the account hmm.

mumnannymum Tue 11-Mar-08 21:40:42

I never used to be able to even find out the cost of the bill when I rang up to pay as I was not the named person. But now because My H has OKed it with Virgin - he did this over the phone I can now get pin numbers find out about the bill etc. Still gets addressed to only him though.

Freckle Tue 11-Mar-08 22:03:53

Ooooh, I'll join you. See my thread here.

SoupDragon Tue 11-Mar-08 22:06:29

Tell them you are H but you've just embarked on the first stages of a sex change and wish to be know as <<your name>>.

GerrardWinstanley Tue 11-Mar-08 22:10:39

pmsl SoupDragon. Just idly wondering if Virgin Media take this hardline approach when a widow phones up to change the account from her deceased husband's name. They are gits.

FAQ Tue 11-Mar-08 22:26:30

lol SD grin.

SoupDragon Tue 11-Mar-08 22:37:28

If nothing else, they may change it free of charge just for giving them a laugh

aonnhy Thu 15-Sep-11 16:40:46

Yes they do. See my post on another thread

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