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Cheapest, safest way to send money internationally?

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KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 13:10:11

My parents let me use their credit card. I have been sending them personal cheques in euros to cover cost but I have to pay 15 euro on my end and they get charged fees on their end. So not working in the slightest.

Looked into international on-line transfer via bank but their disclaimers are frightening and very nervous about sending money that way.

Western Union wants extortinate fees.


KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 13:10:27

And I'm in Ireland if that makes a difference.

winestein Sun 09-Mar-08 13:12:35


So long as your mum and dad don;t sell stuff on Ebay there should be no fees (I think!)

charliecat Sun 09-Mar-08 13:12:40


KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 13:13:55

how does paypal work?

They need to get money out and put in their checking account.

winestein Sun 09-Mar-08 13:16:43

You make a payment to your parents and they then transfer it to their bank account which is free of charge if it is over £25.

charliecat Sun 09-Mar-08 13:16:57

what is a checking account? you can sent it right from your bank to theirs.

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 13:20:57

I just looked at paypal website and it seems the fees are quite large for inter-monetary transfers. Or am I reading it wrong?

A checking account is a regular bank account that you can write cheques on.

charliecat Sun 09-Mar-08 13:23:16 D1N_FfOtDYYooEPC6IywuQVxI6KEqsiIEQR-gqGUBK-ydtPTwdc5VTrhH1vmCUeL-Js

Blu Sun 09-Mar-08 13:26:46

If they have a visa card, transfer money direct from your account into their visa account? Then they can use it as credit. They would have to pay commission if they withdrew it as cash, though.

Blu Sun 09-Mar-08 13:27:25

If it's to pay a credit card, use a credit card that does work internationally, i.e visa and then you can simply re-pay the card yourself!

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 14:16:18

see the problem is I'm on euros and they're on U.S. Dollars as is credit card.

Maybe if I call credit card I can see if I can pay them directly?

I don't want to incur a 15 euro charge every month though which is what my bank would charge me to transfer money. Unless there is some way I can set it up as a bill over here (though I doubt as it's in dollars)

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 14:18:18

am thinking paypal thing is going to be a bit complicated for them. They're already a bit put out with all these fees\charges, etc.

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 14:20:00

they want the dollars in their bank account to cover what they've already paid out.

LifeIsHell Sun 09-Mar-08 14:24:15

Y don't you just get your own credit card, Kerry?

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 14:28:56

No job.

On benefits.

No credit history over here.

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 14:29:45

They got me a credit card in my own name though it's piggy-backing onto their account iykwim.

Blu Sun 09-Mar-08 15:14:58

KM - sometimes through work we have to pay bits and bobs of money to artists in other countries - so from sterling to Euros - and the Visa method has worked fine. I have also done it when a canadian friend was buying me something quite expensive to bring over - I paid stereling and it was converted at the bank rate (better than tourist raye) into canadian dollars.

KerryMum Sun 09-Mar-08 15:17:52

so maybe contact credit card and see if I can pay them directly?

winestein Sun 09-Mar-08 16:39:19

Sorry - didn't mean to abandon you there... I got dragged back into RL by a very demanding 3 year old hmm.

Sorry that Paypal isn't the simple answer that I thought it was. I was going to give my brother some money for his 40th birthday (in USA) that way, so maybe I shall need to rethink.

Hope you get sorted!

johnsmarty7 Thu 09-May-13 08:44:39

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

specialsubject Thu 09-May-13 10:07:17

hopefully everybody knows that the last post would be a really, really bad idea.

OP - you are making work and wasting money for everyone, small international transfers are even more expensive than big ones. Talk to your bank, explain the situation and see what they can do to help you.

QuintessentialOHara Thu 09-May-13 10:09:23

Trawling the web for *5 year old^ threads to tout your business? hmm

QuintessentialOHara Thu 09-May-13 10:10:13

5 year old thread I meant. Zombie Alert.

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