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fine/points for doing 70mph on a 50mph dual carraigeway

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stupiddh Thu 09-Dec-04 11:13:59

can anyone tell me what sort of fine idiot dh is looking at for doing 70 on a 50 dual carraigeway

whatanenormousturkey Thu 09-Dec-04 11:22:06

sorry, don't know, but wanted to say I've got one of those too: just got his 2nd speeding ticket this year and now insisting on buying radar detector thingy at massive cost to our family budget!

He got 3 points and £60 for doing 70 in a 60 zone. It might be more for your dh.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 09-Dec-04 11:23:51

depends where you are - dp got an sp30 and an sp50 on the same road but under different constabularies - one charged him £30 the other charged him £100!! He got 3 points for each one though

ChristmasBOOZA Thu 09-Dec-04 11:27:33

Would have thought 3 points and £60.

whatanenormousturkey my DH drives in his job (deso about 40K a year) and his colleague who has just got himself up to 9 points has invested in one of those very expensive detectors. He has no kids and spends lots of cash on gadgetry but was trying to persuade DH to buy one . Apparently DH's response was that I would not let him and would tell him to just drive slower. Too right.

whatanenormousturkey Thu 09-Dec-04 11:40:54

I tried the 'just drive slower' thing but it went down like a lead balloon! I kind of did it to wind him up just after I'd told him he'd got the second ticket. Maybe not such a wise move....

Seriously though, he says that now his concentration is mainly on his speed and not on his driving which can't be good for the rest of us road users, can it?

He's also v. pissed off about the second one as he thinks he was on a dual carriage way bit of a road, and he thought that it was OK to do 70 there. It was one of those roads that has little bits of dual carriage way then goes back into a single track. We both have no idea what the law is on that....which makes it more infuriating that he got it at all.

ChristmasBOOZA Thu 09-Dec-04 11:51:00

Yeah I know its not all cut and dried really. But I once got a speeding ticket (years ago before we were married) which I don't think was very fair and DH had quite a go at me. I definitely drive much slower esp in 30,40,50 areas. Since then DH has had 3 tickets and so I have a bit of a hold over him on the issue. He tries to justify it as a hazard of the job....

smellymelly Thu 09-Dec-04 11:57:13

Believe it or not, those radar things are legal now because they do actually make you drive slower all of the time. They beep at the strangest things, and the cheaper ones use a radar that detects in a circle, so they beep when you don't see anything in front of you!

Don't tell your dp/dh's about the radars shortfalls and you may find they will drive better accordingly..

tiredemma Fri 10-Dec-04 10:15:37

my prat of a dp got 3 points and a 285 quid fine for doing 78 on a motoraway that had roadworks further down the round and had been lowered to 50.
he is an idiot and has not had a day of peace from it since.

codswallop Sat 11-Dec-04 14:14:13

I can lopk in my big book if you like, it should depend on your income per week

codswallop Sat 11-Dec-04 14:16:51

ok its 4 points and fine levelA so that depends on your income adn his " dependents" and other mtigating things
get him to put any mitigation ont eh sheet if he gets a written summons
ie dependednts unusual debt and son on
can you tell Ihave just done y road traffic offences course?!!

cranberryjampot Sat 11-Dec-04 14:25:07

My car bleeps if I drive over 75mph which is handy but also very annoying for long periods so i have to turn my cd player up

Starofbethlibbhem Sat 11-Dec-04 15:21:18

In our county it would go straight to a court summons (skipping the fixed penalty) and he would have to have a hearing - he wouldn't have to attend but provide his mitigation form, driving licence and means enquiry form beforehand - it would then go before the Magistrates and they would make a decision based on the facts, reasons provided and the number of points already on the licence (if any) as it is at present.

We charge £35 for court fees at least then whatever the Magistrate decides on the day.

Does that help?

Starofbethlibbhem Sat 11-Dec-04 15:24:25

Codswallop as you well know, you must cram in a fair few speed offences in one day - what fun?!

daisy1999 Sat 11-Dec-04 16:00:45

My DH was stopped doing 80mph on a motorway 3 years ago. The policeman said he would have stopped the BMW who overtook my DH but his partner decided otherwise!
It turned out there were roadworks about to start and the speed limit had been reduced to 50. DH hadn't seen the sign because when we checked later the sign was only on the inside lane.
He had a clean licence, attended court and got a £500 fine and 6pts! The magistrate even said she had considered banning him for this first offence!!!
Interestingly the case before his was a cannabis farm and all they got was a £50 fine and told to destroy the crop!
Needless to say I know think the legal system is a pile of **!

codswallop Sat 11-Dec-04 17:03:07

star are you a solicitor? yes i found the training on roada trafifc alot more interestingthan I thought I woudl

think we are £ 30 costs - weird eh?

Libb Mon 03-Jan-05 14:26:22

I had forgotten about posting on here . . . no coddy (I wish I were a solicitor!). I am just the humble administration officer who keeps the paper moving and then adds the points.

I am looking forward to the unification in April - does this affect you as a Magistrate at all?

NewbarnsleygirlWalliams Mon 03-Jan-05 14:58:17

Dh got one in october for doing 61mph on a 50 dual carriageway. He got 3 points and £60 fine. He was caught by one of those mobile cameras. V annoying, espeacially when his only other conviction for speeding comes off his license this month.

kkgirl Thu 31-Mar-05 12:42:24

What about these safety camera unit fines. I've just got a letter about doing 80 in a 50 limit. I have to fill in who was driving etc, but it doesn't say what happens next.
Do I have to go to court, or do they just tell me what they are going to give me. I don't see any point putting mitigating circumstances, as there weren't any.

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