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Can you get catalogue debt removed from credit record?

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mears Thu 25-Nov-04 10:54:47

I thought you could if the debt had been paid. A friend of mine was rejected for a mortgage application because of credit history. She applied to Expedia to find out what the problem was. It was a catalogue payment from March 2002 which was in arrears by 6 months (friend forgot to return a suit) which was paid in full along with an extra catalogue payment. According to the info she got it must stay on her record for 6 years despite the fact she had numerous other credit history details where payment has always been met.

Does anyone have any info on how to have it removed from your credit history record?

mears Thu 25-Nov-04 10:55:50

Wasn't clear there. She paid in full for the suit plus an extra payment to the company.

skiingmummy Thu 25-Nov-04 11:05:47

Hi Mears,
Unfortunately the cat co are not obliged to remove the default unless it was posted in error. Suggest your friends rings/writes to the cat co to explain and ask that it be removed. If she has good credit history otherwise they may be inclined to remove the default posting. The only other option I can think of is for your friend to send a notice of correction to the credit reference agency explaining the circumstances of the default. For any subsequent credit applications eg mortgage applications, the mortgage co are obliged to read the notice of correction which would be posted on your friends credit file and it is then up to the particular credit grantor whether they take that into account and give her the credit. HTH!

mears Thu 25-Nov-04 11:11:46

thanks skiingmummy

SantaFio2 Thu 25-Nov-04 11:18:12

this happened to my friend, but it was a book club and it was only 10 quid she owed and was refused a mortgage!

she went to CABN and they told her what to do

WigandRobe Thu 25-Nov-04 13:48:10

Message deleted

skiingmummy Thu 25-Nov-04 13:55:05

But W&R I would have thought that given the friend was in arrears for 6mths the cat co were perfectly entitled (and tbh obliged under credit sharing agreements) to post a default on the customers credit file - providing all the relevant default notification letters etc had been sent to the customer?

Agree if the friend hadn't received any notification of being in arrears then the default shouldn't be on the file and must be removed.

WigandRobe Thu 25-Nov-04 14:21:15

Message deleted

nasa Thu 25-Nov-04 14:42:53

but surely its not incorrect data? she did default didn't she? (albeit unintentionally)

Tissy Thu 25-Nov-04 14:45:41

if your friend is still having trouble after taking some of this advice it might be worth trying a different lender.

When we moved up here, we thought we'd got a mortgage with Legal and General and 2 days before our purchase was due to complete, when I hadn't heard anything from them and phoned up, I was told some paperwork (that I had sent months previously) was missing. Even if I had time to order duplicate bank statements and get them to their head office, there still wasn't time to transfer the money, so i told them to stuff it. I went down to the RBS (who I had my previous mortgage with, and who had my statements on the computer)and told them the story, they agreed the mortgage on the spot, and arranged a courier to get all the paperwork where it should be on time. It was first class service and saved me from having to pay a penalty to the vendor.

My rather rambling point is, could she see a bank mortgage adviser and tell them the story face to face? They have the authority to ignore this sort of minor credit problem if her credit history is otherwise good. She may not get the best interest rate this way, but it would be better than not getting the house.

WigandRobe Thu 25-Nov-04 18:52:06

Message deleted

mears Thu 25-Nov-04 22:30:59

I agree WigandRobe . Since the debt has been repaid (and more), I do not understand why she should continue to be punished for it. I have e-mailed her this thread so that she can deal with it. Thanks W&R

nasa Thu 25-Nov-04 22:40:56

I used to work at data protection registrar W&R and that argument was used quite a bit. It was never (to my knowledge) successfully used as reason to remove default of CCJ info. Although you can place a note on file explaining the circumstances.

nasa Thu 25-Nov-04 22:41:31

sorry, should have read "default OR CCJ info"

WigandRobe Fri 26-Nov-04 09:12:12

Message deleted

Hausfrau Fri 26-Nov-04 09:40:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WigandRobe Fri 26-Nov-04 10:28:20

Message deleted

Hausfrau Fri 26-Nov-04 12:37:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WigandRobe Fri 26-Nov-04 12:46:04

Message deleted

lisalisa Tue 21-Dec-04 16:17:44

Message withdrawn

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Tue 21-Dec-04 17:01:20

Message deleted

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Tue 21-Dec-04 17:02:14

Message deleted

Dreams Tue 21-Dec-04 17:10:08

this happened to my dp just before i met him he was sharing a flat with his mate. he left the flat and his mate stayed for a few more weeks. there was a water bill outstanding when his mate left and because it was in my dp's name (but he did not know about the bill) he got a CCJ he did not find this out until we tried to get a house and he got turned down. he done the same and wrote to experian and found the water bill debt which he paid straight away but was told it would stay on his records for 6 years. he had to pay 10 pound to the courts and they would give him a letter saying it had been paid which he could show people but thats all they could do! he was gutted and still is! its been 3 years now so have another 3 years to go! there is nothing he can do is there WR?

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Tue 21-Dec-04 19:35:42

Message deleted

mears Tue 21-Dec-04 19:39:41

My friend tried to post here herself but lost the whole thing then felt it was too late to respond. She was very grateful for the advice she received and has actually had a formal update attached from the catalogue company to say that the debt was repaid in full which has resulted in her credit rating vastly improving. She would never have known to progress that without the info from here.

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