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How do you get rid of a joint bank account when the other person refuses to cooperate?

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Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 11:53:19

I still have a joint bank acc with ex in France. He keeps saying he wants to take his name off it, but surprise surprise, when I fixed it with the bank that he only had to go there and sign papers, he threw a tantrum and tried to make out that I had offended him and he accordingly wouldn't be going.

I never really thought it would be that easy.

Bank says that they need his cooperation to remove either his name or mine. Without this, the account will stay open indefinitely. Incurring regular charges, naturally, which I will have to pay, because ex certainly won't.

How does this work in the UK? and does anyone know how it should work in France?

somersetmum Wed 02-Jan-08 11:56:05

You both have to agree, or they won't close the account. If the bank suspects you are in disagreement, however, they may well freeze the account and neither of you will be able to touch it until you prove you have sorted your differences or agree to close it.

Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 11:58:01

Hi, thank you. Freezing it is OK with me.
There is a regular charge for ex to use internet banking, though. He doesnt use it, has never used it, and just cant be bothered to get it taken off.
I dont want to pay this for the rest of eternity.

somersetmum Wed 02-Jan-08 12:01:44

Well, surely you can ask the bank you don't want the internet banking and stop the charge? We have a joint account and they will take instruction from either of us for anything other than closing the account.
e.g. only one sig needed on a cheque or a dd instruction, so surely they'll let you stop one?

Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 12:04:22

I've tried that. I wrote to them to cancel it, and then noticed that it was still disappearing from the account. So I phoned them and asked why, and they told me that it was a charge for ex to use the internet, because as far as they were concerned, he hadn't cancelled it.

ivykaty44 Wed 02-Jan-08 12:04:41

Make sure you write to the bank and demand that the account needs both signatures to remove any money from the account and that you want the bank account closed or frozen.

Make sure you send several copies of the same letter and at least one recorded delivery.

There have been cases recently where banks in the uk have refused to remove one partner without there signature and then when money has been taken by the refusing to co-operate partner the bank have chased the "cooperating" partner for the money. Even though the copoperating partner has asked for help from the bank to do something with the account.

A recent letter in the Sunday times money section highlighted the fact the bank could have done this or that to help and sat and did nothing then chases the innocent party for the overdrawn money.

Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 12:06:32

We are currently in that situation, it is around 400 euros. I have got so many problems with ex, I dont mind paying it to get rid of this one, but I do want the account closed at some point.

Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 12:25:53

So basically is it the case, that I can't do anything about the account, and it is up to the bank how long they string me along for?

DavidTennantsMistress Wed 02-Jan-08 12:32:38

can you not take your name off and then leave it up to him?

fuzzywuzzy Wed 02-Jan-08 12:41:27

How about, you empty the account of all money, and remove your name and address from the account, ensure the bank has your ex's current details ie address phone number etc, so he pays for whatever it is he incurs it has nowt to do with you anymore.

And then you open a seperate account for yourself with another bank entirely.....

Aimsmum Wed 02-Jan-08 12:59:03

Message withdrawn

LittleBellasRingingInTheNew Wed 02-Jan-08 13:05:06

This is bizarre.

When I split with xp I simply rang up my bank and said "I want to close this account".

They said "no you can't, you need both of you to close it" and I said "OK, I don't want to be a member of this account anymore, take my name off and he can keep the account or close it as he wishes".

Which they did. No problems whatsoever. This was First Direct.

I had no idea it was so difficult to close a bloody bank account. shock

charlieandlola Wed 02-Jan-08 13:06:37

This is France, not UK. French banking rules and regs are different.

Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 16:42:44

Ive just been talking to someone in Germany who had to pay fees for 5 years when she found herself in this situation, before the bank would close the account!

f**g fantastic. I had no idea the banks profiteered so blatantly from the misery of divorce.

Nightynight Wed 02-Jan-08 16:42:44

Ive just been talking to someone in Germany who had to pay fees for 5 years when she found herself in this situation, before the bank would close the account!

f**g fantastic. I had no idea the banks profiteered so blatantly from the misery of divorce.

LittleBellasRingingInTheNew Wed 02-Jan-08 18:13:51

I had no idea that banks had the legal right to force people to have accounts they don't want.

Is this capitalism gorn mad?

Nightynight Thu 03-Jan-08 13:31:31

Well, I spoke to the bank again this morning, and they said that they would remove ex's name by force if he didn't reply to their letters. It was originally my account, and his name was added, which may make a difference. Or at least I think that's what they said, as I completely failed to keep my children quiet while the man was speaking.

Susan24175 Thu 08-Sep-16 07:42:22

Hi.I left France 9years ex has lived in the house since then.He is now trying to sell it which is fine by me.He is also insistent that I don't get a solicitor and only use a notaire of his choice.I spoke to a French solicitor in G.B and she says I must have my own solicitor.Things have now turned ugly,he is threatening me by saying he knows where I live!!
I have a new partner and don't want to get him involved in this.My worry is our joint bank account in France. I fear he will run into debt and will do a runner leaving me with the debt!!

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