AIBU- Sister is angry i wont sell my share of the house!

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CollegeDoctor Wed 20-Oct-21 00:43:56

DH and I are in great need of the hive mind. So last year due to issues with our father, we , my mother and brother and I. Purchased a home for my mother to live in. We asked dear sister to contribute, however she had'nt got the money at the time so could'nt. SO fast forward a year and a pandemic and the property value has increased by £40,000. Dsister came back and asked if she could purchase the house from us, i stupidly said yes and that she could do it at the price we bought at. (i really didnt think she would get all her ducks in a row)

Fast forward 2 months and she has and now wants to proceed to conveyancing. I know i was wrong to lead her on and promise, but i don't want to sell as the property is certain to continuing appreciating. What should i do ? What would you do?
Dsister is very angry that i have wasted her time.

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Kiduknot Wed 20-Oct-21 00:46:36

Did you say yes on behalf of the others too?

HundredMilesAnHour Wed 20-Oct-21 00:50:33

She wants to buy the entire property or she wants to buy a share?

CollegeDoctor Wed 20-Oct-21 00:59:42

husband and i currently have the property in our names, she would by the property and have it in her name and brother and mother would continue to have there share. Husband and I would be out.

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CollegeDoctor Wed 20-Oct-21 01:01:00


excuse the typos Dson is feeding

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SimonedeBeauvoirscat Wed 20-Oct-21 01:02:46

This sounds like a legal catastrophe. Have you had professional advice?

imnotacelebritygetmeoutofhere Wed 20-Oct-21 01:13:40

So the property is owned three ways - a third owned by your mum, a third owned by your brother, a third owned by you and DH? And it's in all of your names?
You were very unfair to lead her on by agreeing to sell when you didn't intend to go through with it, I can understand your sister being upset about this!
I suggest you have three options:
- stand by your word and sell your share to your sister.
- keep your share and leave her upset.
- sell her a share, either part of yours or all three of you sell a part to her so the property becomes owned four ways instead of three.


Rummikub Wed 20-Oct-21 01:28:14

Why does she want to buy that house?

Chloemol Wed 20-Oct-21 01:30:38

Just tell her you have changed your mind. If she wants to purchase something she can buy elsewhere

Rummikub Wed 20-Oct-21 01:32:12


Just tell her you have changed your mind. If she wants to purchase something she can buy elsewhere

This ^^

Did you consult mum and brother?

Luckingfovely Wed 20-Oct-21 01:35:01

Apologise profusely, as you did do the wrong thing, but if you don't want to sell it her at that price, don't sell it to her at that price.

And keep apologising.

starrynight21 Wed 20-Oct-21 01:39:00

Well you agreed to sell it to her at the original price. Now you're regretting your agreement because the house is appreciating in price.

I guess it's up to you - sell it to DSis at the agreed price ( which you'd promised ), or keep it, in which case you create a bad feeling between you and DSis . Up to you really, do what you think is right.

SilverBirchWithout Wed 20-Oct-21 01:41:05

I’m struggling to understand the exact details of who bought what, why, and whose names are on the deeds. What was the reason for the purchase? Why did you tell your sister she could purchase a share (or is it your share you are selling?) why did you change your mind?
Tbh it sounds a pretty shitty thing to do to your sister, she will have incurred costs already.

Blondie1984 Wed 20-Oct-21 01:44:17

Hell no I wouldn’t sell - that’s your children’s future right there, don’t sell it short

SilverBirchWithout Wed 20-Oct-21 01:44:42

Does your mother still live there? Is the plan for your sister to move in? And what do your brother and mother want to do? Is your sister purchasing their shares as well?

ittakes2 Wed 20-Oct-21 01:59:14

She has a right to be angry at you - if you don't sell you should at least pay her costs.

superram Wed 20-Oct-21 02:26:48

Sister shouldn’t have any costs yet? I wouldn’t sell, though I wouldn’t have promised in the first place. I can’t work out whose name the house is but just say you are not ready. Why did you want to sell?

ThatsWhatI Wed 20-Oct-21 02:31:44

Just say No

ThatsWhatI Wed 20-Oct-21 02:34:13

Does she always take advantage of you like this?

No one with any sense would expect it to be ok to pay you the initial cost when it's now made a profit.

That's just insane

ThatsWhatI Wed 20-Oct-21 02:36:02

Be strong put your foot down, say you made a mistake, you weren't thinking straight, baby brain blah blah blah and you don't want to discuss it any more.

ThatsWhatI Wed 20-Oct-21 02:36:57

Don't back down

Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Oct-21 02:47:34

What's going to happen to your mother? Is she going to be kicked to the kerb so your sister can move in? Has your mother even agreed to this? Or your brother?

The whole situation sounds like a clusterfuck, honestly.

Hoesbeforebroes Wed 20-Oct-21 03:06:40


Does she always take advantage of you like this?

No one with any sense would expect it to be ok to pay you the initial cost when it's now made a profit.

That's just insane

But the OP agreed to do it?! She didn't mention she was under any pressure to do so.

I can't see an easy solution here OP, you really shouldn't have said yes if you didn't mean it.

CollegeDoctor Wed 20-Oct-21 03:13:24

yes it was my mistake, i shouldnt have said yes. It was very disingenuous. I thought i would look like the good sister offering to sell but known she might not come up with the funds. Then she did and i am having second thoughts.
It was not a good thing to do, i totally understand that as now we are in a mess.

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SleepingStandingUp Wed 20-Oct-21 03:14:11

Well you shouldn't have said yes. Tell her you're sorry, you rushed into a decision without thinking but you now don't want to sell. Weather the bad mood.

Why does she want to buy a share in a house which she isn't going to be living in? I how your brother and mother have some legal protection as they've basically helped but you a house which you're letting your Mom live in.

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