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Anyone get a payment appearing on their bank statement from 'CNI Payments'

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boo64 Wed 21-Nov-07 17:05:58

Does anyone get a payment into their bank marked 'CNI payment' - my granny is receiving a payment into her account of a small amount each month and has no idea what this is?! Anyone know?

boo64 Wed 21-Nov-07 20:48:19


LilyLoo Wed 21-Nov-07 20:54:43

Is it a pension of some sort.
She needs to speak to the banjk and they will be able to give her more info.

boo64 Wed 21-Nov-07 21:17:07

She says she asked the bank and they said they couldn't give her any more information. Seems odd to me - like they were fobbing her off as couldn't be bothered. She's 86 and pretty compus mentis but not very financially aware.

LOVEMYMUM Sat 24-Nov-07 18:09:34

Maybe your gran could speak to someone higher up in the bank? Also, have a look at the online financial section in the Sunday Times, Telegraph etc (if they have one) for information.

StaryNightSky Sat 24-Nov-07 18:19:53

Ok I think!

CNI is the center of National Infrasturcture.

Its part of the government.

Could it be payments for cold weather allowance?

They deal with the sectors which deliver essential services: energy, food, water, transport, telecommunications, government & public services, emergency services, health and finance.

Hope that helps

boo64 Sat 24-Nov-07 21:22:36

Ah yes it could be cold weather allowance - it sounds like about the right amount.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone. I'll have a chat with her but yes I agree she should ask someone higher up in the bank as surely you should be able to find out the source of funds.

boo64 Mon 03-Dec-07 19:07:46

It isn't cold weather as she actually got more in July than this month. The bank just actually can't trace what it is so we're none the wiser.That said it is a credit not a debit so she isn't too worried!

950ann Mon 15-Sep-08 14:07:45

Have you got any further information on the Cni payments your Granny gets. Please let me know.

notagranny Wed 08-Oct-08 21:53:49

We have also had CNI payments credited to both a joint account with LloydsTSB and my personal account with NatWest.
Amounts of £93.58 and £232.16 and even £435.99.
Neither Bank appears to be able to give details and my IFA is at a loss to understand it too.

The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure seems to be all about 'threats to National Security' not Bank Statements. Curiouser and curiouser

BecauseImAWitch Wed 08-Oct-08 21:54:51

She hasn't responded to an e-mail from Nigeria recently has she?!

mrkbrrws Tue 21-Oct-08 12:37:21

'CNI Payments' are distributions from investments held with Cofunds.

chipmunkswhereareyou Fri 24-Oct-08 12:57:29

Ah that totally makes sense as some of her income comes from cofunds. Thank you.

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