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AndWhat Thu 10-Jun-21 15:16:26

Have you looked into CHC funding?

Twiglet15 Thu 10-Jun-21 15:09:30

Thanks for your advice. It's certainly been a rollercoaster this year, but I guess it gave me the push to get out of a bad situation. Just finding that it's really tricky to find any proper information aimed at disabled adults rather than for age-related care. Will have a good look at the disability rights page.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated!

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nettie434 Thu 10-Jun-21 13:28:41

I am sorry you have been through so much Twiglet15. Normally when you live at home they don't count the home you live in as part of your housing assets but obviously your position is different and I'm not sure how it works in your situation.

I'd suggest getting in touch with Disability Rights UK

Age UK also have good resources - I know that you are too young to actually use their services but there's nothing to stop anyone of any age reading their their guides

Good luck

Twiglet15 Thu 10-Jun-21 00:56:53

Hi there,

My husband and separated last year as I became disabled. We are still married but separated and I've moved in to a flat which better meets my needs i.e can use my wheelchair in it where I couldn't get around any of the family home before.

I am having a Social Services assessment as I'm in need of carers for a variety of tasks, including personal care and being able to look after and spend time with my 4yo. I'm hoping to employ a Personal Assistant to help me with these day to day tasks using Direct Payments.

For some extra background- Our family home wasn't at all suitable for me to stay living in so it made more sense to move rather than my husband. My health is pretty terrible, meaning I can't safely do daily tasks alone, (including things like making a hot meal or drink, looking after my 4yo alone, laundry, and some aspects of personal care such as showering and toileting). I need more supervision than any medical care but have very little in the way of help currently other than very generous and kind friends coming in to help me.
One of my conditions causes me frequent faints, which with an ordinary care company, their policies would potentially mean they wouldn't be able to help me up but would need to call an ambulance every time I faint which would be incredibly problematic. I have someone willing to come and be a PA.

So I need help with basically everything. I'm having the needs assessment in a couple of days but can't find any real information about the financial assessment, it all seems to be about moving into care homes and aimed at pension age adults requiring care, and I'm only 31!

All of my income is from enhanced rate PIP for both elements and Universal Credit. My Mobility Element of PIP pays for my wheelchair accessible vehicle

My estranged husband and I own the family home (with a joint mortgage) and whilst I'm still on all of the mortgage documents and deeds, he is paying it all. For Universal Credit purposes, my 'family property' was disregarded because my 4yo lives there for most of the week. Does anyone know if Social Services will take into account my 'family home' when assessing my finances? It's my son's home and yes an asset, but not one I can access.

I am paying a small fortune each month for the rent on my flat because it was the only one that met my needs, so I have very little left over each month so can't afford to pay for a PA outright myself. I have very little in the way of other savings, just some premium bonds well under the threshold of £6000 for UC.

Any advice on the financial assessment side of Social Services Assessment and/or the property disregard would be much appreciated.

Thank you 😌

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