Recommendations for a probate accountant *title edited by MNHQ at OP's request*

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strangeshapedpotato Tue 08-Jun-21 21:15:44


Can anyone recommend a probate account please.

Also how much should they be charging roughly?

Many thanks!

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Sarahsq Tue 08-Jun-21 23:07:56

Hi, I’ve just done this. Opened one on Thursday 28th with Barclays just got the account number through today. Pretty efficient but does need to be in person. There was no cost.

You will need to go into branch and take the probate certificate.

If you don’t already have a relationship with the bank then obviously the usual ID checks will be done.

Good luck!

strangeshapedpotato Wed 09-Jun-21 00:05:54

Umm - should have read accountant - not account.

Asked MN to alter post smile

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Dinosauraddict Wed 09-Jun-21 06:11:14

If the estate is simple, you can easily do it yourself.

Sarahsq Wed 09-Jun-21 21:29:48

Haha, yes, agree with dinosaur try and do it yourself unless complicated. You will get charged a lot...every letter, every enquiry.

If there’s IHT to pay then it may be worth getting help once you’ve gathered all the numbers together.

Good luck

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