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PompomDahlia Mon 07-Jun-21 15:11:30

Does anyone have experience of an eBay seller requesting a return?

I bought a designer dress on eBay which turned out to be way too small. I then decided to sell it myself on eBay. It eventually sold for half what I paid for it. When I listed it, I made it clear that it was probably a size smaller than listed. The buyer has messaged me to say that she thinks it’s actually a couple of sizes smaller and she wants to return it. This is a real hassle as it took me ages to sell (I had a non-payer before) and I’m about to move house. I did make it clear it was smaller than labelled and surely there’s an element of uncertainty with buying online. I’m new to eBay and trying to build up my ratings. Does anyone know how these things tend to go?

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ivfgottwins Mon 07-Jun-21 15:12:40

In my experience eBay always sides with the Buyer

Tommika Mon 07-Jun-21 15:42:40

The trend is that the buyer gets supported most in disputes, but if you have been sufficiently clear in the description then that can be good enough.

I would recommend to show pictures with measurements as even when there’s an explicit size that the fit varies between brands and items

Check what the terms were on your advert for returns. Ideally it will have been ‘no returns’ but in the past eBays relistings have automatically changed to ‘returns accepted’
If you are happy with how you advertised then try to refuse on the grounds that it was as advertised, otherwise try for ‘return at senders expense’ - you will refund the item price on receipt (as long as eBay don’t do a reruns label at your expense) or a partial refund taking into account your other expenses of the returned postage

superduster Tue 08-Jun-21 23:00:17

Did you include actual measurements? Otherwise you have probably been too vague.

LindaEllen Tue 08-Jun-21 23:15:56

If the buyer is returning it to you due to incorrect sizing they are entitled to. Imagine buying something from M&S online or something, it not fitting, and them not allowing a return.

It's not the buyer's fault it's a hassle for you. If you're going to sell online you have to take responsibility for the customer service side of things. You knew the sizing of this item was odd - you can't just sell it to someone and think oh well it's your problem now.

Warmduscher Tue 08-Jun-21 23:18:26

You can write “no returns” all you like on your listing but if the item isn’t as described you will have to refund the buyer.

carrieeee Tue 08-Jun-21 23:32:38

Have you stated no returns and selected no returns on the sale? If so, eBay will support you.

It amazes me people even try returning second hand items, she should try and sell on like you have!


RedHelenB Sat 12-Jun-21 09:09:49

Will no longer use ebay as it ended up costing me money to sell things, plus the hassle. Taking the side of the buyer was annoying when things like computer games were returned because people wanted them brand new to give as gifts when it was obviously a really old game.

If you gave the measurements and they were accurate then I'd side with you. If you said its a small 10 for eg. then I'd go with the buyer. Jmo.

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