Granny Annex in the garden and sister moving in

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Bytheseasidebesidethesea Sat 05-Jun-21 20:16:50

I'm on income support because I care for DS(13) who is in receipt of DLA. I claim carers. I dont claim housing benefit (as I own my own home) nor mortgage support.

My sister has reached a crossroads in life where actually it would be beneficial to her if to move into a granny annex in my garden. It would be beneficial to me to have someone to sit in with my son sometimes.

I can afford to lose council tax single occupancy discount, but I cant afford to lose my income support. I was wondering the best way to declare it. Everywhere mentions a non dependent adult affecting housing benefit but I cant see anything about income support or universal credit (if it sparked a change in circumstances claim).

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Bytheseasidebesidethesea Sat 05-Jun-21 20:21:30


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justthecat Sat 05-Jun-21 20:23:51

Can she not make up the difference ?

Purplewithred Sat 05-Jun-21 20:27:48

No idea but try Citizens Advice?

Bytheseasidebesidethesea Sat 05-Jun-21 20:34:39

If it's just the CT benefit yes that's no problem. If its CT benefit and income support yes probably. If its CT benefit, income support and takes into account her income in my child tax credits then no it's not affordable. I can find info about housing benefit but nothing explicit about the rest

I also wonder it it would be better to declare her under rent a room or something

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BarbaraofSeville Sun 06-Jun-21 06:46:46

The status of the annex might also be something to think about, whether or not it qualifies under 'rent a room'. Does it count as part of your house or a separate dwelling (I think this depends on what kitchen and bathroom facilities it has, but check this).

You might need to ask the question either in an anonymous way or hypothetically, ie my sister is considering moving into my granny annex, if we did this, how would it affect my benefits?

Does your sister have an income and will she be claiming benefits? You should also look at it from her point of view. If she's working, she should pay you rent, especially if her living with you causes you to lose benefits or have to pay full council tax. I suppose the reason why she's living with you might also be a consideration, ie you'll probably more accommodating if she would otherwise be homeless, in unsuitable accommodation or fleeing domestic abuse, rather than she just wants to live somewhere as cheaply as possible so she can save a house deposit or build up savings 'just because'.

Quickchangeartiste Sun 06-Jun-21 07:39:41

Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to clarify this for you. It’s worth checking with them before talking to benefits office.


motogogo Sun 06-Jun-21 07:49:18

Housing benefit is affected but that's not relevant to you. Over 18's that you are not married to or living as a couple with do not affect your claim by being there but any rent paid to you may be classified as income (sharing bills is fine). This was the case in 2019 at least!

Ohsugarhoneyicetea Sun 06-Jun-21 14:22:02

If you are not partners and she is paying rent then she surely would be classed as a lodger, which would have no bearing on your income support. You can earn about £7k per year with the rent a room a scheme and it is not taxed. Do check however if the annex should have a separate council tax account, sometimes they do.

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