DLA Renewal not confirmed as received

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PollyMc82 Thu 03-Jun-21 22:09:09

Hi Everyone, was just looking for a bit of advice or info really from anyone who has recently made a child dla claim or renewal? I sent my sons renewal back 3 weeks ago but have not received confirmation that the forms have been received. His 1st claim 2 years ago I received a txt within 2 weeks and then a letter a few days later to confirm the claim had been received and was being processed but this time round I have heard nothing. Their website does say if no contact has been made within 2 weeks of posting the forms to get in contact with them but I have tried calling the helpline for nearly 2 days solid and just keep getting held in a queue! The thought of the forms being lost and having to fill them out again is just draining me thinking about it as it took nearly a whole week to complete in the 1st place. Has anyone else been contacted after 3 weeks to confirm receipt of the claim or not had the receipt confirmed but still been awarded? Sorry for the ramble. TIA

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Babyroobs Fri 04-Jun-21 11:39:35

Always keep copies of the form for this reason.

77kidsandcounting Fri 04-Jun-21 17:33:31

Not very useful @Babyroobs

FedNlanders Fri 04-Jun-21 17:34:21

I never had acknowledgement of them getting it. Fingers crossed.

Quackajack Fri 04-Jun-21 18:21:35

I sent my daughters 3 weeks ago and still not heard anything.

Hallyup6 Sat 05-Jun-21 20:54:58

I went through this process twice. First time I didn't get a text. Second time I did. Both times they got the forms.

PollyMc82 Sat 05-Jun-21 22:54:22

Thanks everyone! Eventually got through on the helpline and they advised they no longer confirm receipt of the forms. They sometimes make contact when the claim has been assigned to a decision maker but they confirmed over the phone that my sons renewal has been received & was scanned into the department on the 25th of May & It's now just waiting to be assigned to someone. They said it shouldn't be too much longer but Iv recently been told by others who are awaiting outcomes of renewals that there is a major back log due to COVID causing short staff issues and some ppl are still waiting to hear back after 15-16 weeks! 1 parent was still waiting to hear back even though the current award had now run out and the renewal was sent back in plenty of time. sad

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Quackajack Tue 15-Jun-21 16:03:00

Have you heard anything back yet?

PollyMc82 Sun 20-Jun-21 00:48:01


Have you heard anything back yet?

So far I have only received a letter last weekend, Sat 12th June confirming the renewal was scanned into the department on 25th May and is being assessed & it just says should they need any further information they will contact me by letter. Otherwise I should receive a decision within the quoted 8 week timescale. So not really telling me anything they didn't tell me when I called a few weeks back to check it had been received. I am going to call them 1st thing on Monday though to tell them my son now has a formal diagnosis so that might delay the decision further until I can send them the paperwork for the diagnosis sad

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