Army Foundation College Harrogate

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Maggiesgirl Sat 05-Jun-21 07:42:01

A long time ago, but I got what was the equivalent to UC to top up my income in your exact situation.

No your child will be living in and earning there own money. They are effectively leaving home.

(In fact my child never returned home for more than two weeks leave at a time after that)

SpeakingFranglais Sat 05-Jun-21 06:43:06

Plus paid for accommodation, so I can’t see how you would still qualify for benefits if your child is earning and living in paid for accommodation elsewhere.

Happy to stand corrected.

SpeakingFranglais Sat 05-Jun-21 06:20:45

Their website says the students get paid between 800-1000 a month, the education only appears to be basic English and maths.

Sounds more like an apprenticeship to me. Training until your old enough to sign up.

Crazyplantmama Thu 03-Jun-21 12:49:32

Hi all.

Is there anyone here who's child has started the AFC in Harrogate while. You have been on universal credit and can you tell me if it falls under the category of them still being in full time education and therefore you still get your UC and CB? I can't seem to get this information from anywhere including UC and my daughter is hoping to start the college in September, by that time she will be 17, she's my only child so if my UC stops at this time it will make a huge difference to my income and I will have to look for new employment as my current job won't cover my bills, which I know I will have to do soon enough once she's 18/employed but I just need to know how much time I have to make these changes. TIA. smile

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