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September £10 a day

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MrsWombat Tue 01-Sep-20 10:10:39

All the links are mucked up from the last thread so I've copied and pasted an old list. Hope they are right and please ask if you want a direct link.

Passive Income
(These applications both look at your viewing habits, have a good think about whether or not you’re comfortable with this)

Nielson Mobile

Work at home 'jobs'
Appen Connect - Various long term tasks, apply for as many as you want but the wait time does vary to be offered a project.
Crispthinking - Risk Analyst Social Media, very flexible, can be a long waiting list.
Cloud workers - Adult Chat, Text via PC
Clickworker - Small projects
Modsquad - Moderating Jobs

Surveys and Market Research
Prolific Academic
People for Research
Populous Live

UTest - Test websites looking for bugs - can be quite technical
User Testing - Test websites
RedWigWam - Jobs, Mystery shopping etc.
Opinion Outpost
Better Points

Top Cash Back

Daily Free Entry
Free National Lotto
Pick My Postcode

Free Horse Racing (Pick 7 Horses)
William Hill Lucky 7

Matched Betting Tips/Tools
Team Profit

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MrsWombat Tue 01-Sep-20 10:13:26

My September totals approximately:

Crisp Thinking £174
uTest £72
Appen £54

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TheLolaMontez Tue 01-Sep-20 10:18:43

How is it September already? Wtf...

Started on a new (for me) Appen project 2 days ago, so this month should hopefully be better for earnings (it's one I have to do daily).

Getting better and faster with potato so hoping to get bashing away at that too (children permitting). Just doing what I can where I can.

Was feeling shite last month, totally mentally drained with Master Montez's diagnosis and Mini Montez being a total horror. BUT - I have regrouped, had some hypnotherapy and I feel refreshed and ready for the new month. Christmas is approaching quicker than I'd like and I would love to get a bit put aside for it!

Positive vibes everyone, lets make some good money this month!!

margaritasbythesea Tue 01-Sep-20 11:01:46

Quailpoop - I didn't have that exact problem while I was on it but I did have lots of glitches. In your place I would probably screen shot each page as I got towards the end as evidence and then send them a ticket to tell them about the problem.

I might also generate another batch and do as many of those as I needed to get up to 30 I could prove I had done and screenshot that in case of problems at invoicing time.

Glitches did usually work themselves out.

TheSeedsOfADream Tue 01-Sep-20 11:02:17

Checking in:

August earnings are:
£188.08 Etsy
About £100 for Crisp, (I was on £98 yesterday so once the dashboard has updated I might just hit the £100)
£44.56 Appen.

margaritasbythesea Tue 01-Sep-20 11:02:25

blush And thank you for the new thread.

TheSeedsOfADream Tue 01-Sep-20 11:02:51

£11.66 for Prolific. Despite having tab open I seem to miss them all!

peelpeelthebanana Tue 01-Sep-20 11:05:55

My August totals (which I'm very happy about considering I set myself a target of £100/month or £3/day):
Neevo: $406
Prolific: £12
Clickworker: 6 EUR
Streetbees: £2

A huge thank you to Otterses and the rest of you on these threads - without them I would have had no idea this kind of work was available and so easy to jump into.

With Appen, is it only long term projects? What I like about the bits of work I've done so far is that there is zero commitment, so if life means I can't do any work on a particular day, there's no sweat. I don't want to do anything that needs an ongoing commitment.

Also re Appen, I need to upload a CV before I can get any further with the application process. Haven't written one in... I can't even remember! How much time and effort do I need to put into the CV - does the content affect the likelihood of being offered work or is it more of a box ticking exercise to have one filed?

lannister Tue 01-Sep-20 11:07:34

Thank you for the new thread. Placemarking.

Rad2016 Tue 01-Sep-20 11:24:12

Thanks for new thread guys. not sure what i would've done without this thread and all this alternative ways of making some extra cash.

Last month wasn't too bad. Appen £350
Clickworker £3

WonderTweek Tue 01-Sep-20 11:46:07

Thanks for the new thread! I had a surprisingly good month, mostly thanks to Neevo. grin I made just over £500 and I sold stuff for £50. I think a lot of it was my Neevo work from July but I'm really pleased with the total and really want to keep it up. Not sure how realistic it is as I still haven't got any proper Appen or LB tasks. But we'll see...

Thanks so much for all your help and advice! I'm really enjoying this little project. smile

MrsWombat Tue 01-Sep-20 11:50:14

Was Neevo the one that people had problems with non-payment or something else? Once the kids are back at school next week I'll look at it properly as I'm going to need more money for Christmas!

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Redcrayons Tue 01-Sep-20 11:54:44

Marking place. I’m finally back to ‘proper work’ next week so I can’t do as much. I’m aiming for £200 a month.
Some of the sites I’ve picked up off this thread have helped so much over the summer. My biggest earner is Crisp, but it’s so labour intensive I’m not sure how much I can realistically fit in with work as well.

WonderTweek Tue 01-Sep-20 11:57:13

Yeah I think a couple of people had issues with them. I think they can be a bit inconsistent with what they pay for and what doesn't meet their quality standards, but so far I've done ok. I think there was a batch of around 400 clicks that they didn't pay me for but I'll admit that I may have messed up there because their instructions can sometimes be really vague. But I'll definitely stick with them for now. The work isn't massively exciting but it's nice to see the dollars coming in. grin

whysotriggered Tue 01-Sep-20 12:00:53

Made just over £800 last month which I am pleased with. Not sure about this month as one of my main projects has been put under review so who knows when I will be allowed back to work on it.

I have been invited to take another exam for a different project, I am a bit apprehensive as I feel a bit burnt out with trying to make money all the time but also aware that if I don't try I may not be invited to another project for ages and if I lose the other one I'm stuffed!

I'm buying a lottery ticket tonight!

margaritasbythesea Tue 01-Sep-20 12:03:35

I am reassured by people having trouble with the K++x quiz. I just did it an failed. I was really sure I was right! I'll do it again once I have recovered my lost confidence.
I have noted the advice to google thoroughly. I did it a bit and it seemed straightforward... Obviously not!

justtheonethen Tue 01-Sep-20 12:26:15

Thanks for new thread. I took a break from crisp for August and only did my appen project so £300 total for me. Need to get back on it this month.

ruralwanderer Tue 01-Sep-20 12:48:45

Just shy of $450 this month which is my best month since starting so I'm delighted. Mostly Appen and some Intellizoom. I don't use Neevo anymore as they are so bad at paying.

Going for over £500 this month 🤞

Tinging Tue 01-Sep-20 13:01:44

Thanks for the new thread.

£440 for me this month from a combination of Lionbridge, Neevo, Clickworker and Teemwork. Should be £500+ for September.

I have just passed kn*x which I thought was pretty straightforward but now I have no idea how it works, is there work available? And is there a way to be taken off a task on Appen as I may have a conflict with another platform?

Otterses Tue 01-Sep-20 13:45:46

Thanks for the new thread @MrsWombat grin

Checking in, probably about £200 last month. Really need a kick up the bum for the next three months to limp over the finishing line of £10 a day being essential. Going to get back on matched betting, whatever appen throws at me, and start entering competitions again.

Hope everyone has a good month.

morriseysquif Tue 01-Sep-20 14:03:01

Has anybody had a rap on the knuckles from Crisp?

I made a silly mistake a few weeks ago and it has shaken my confidence. At least Appen has its chat feature where you can connect with other people, (from all over the world) but with Crisp you just feel all at sea.

entrytohr Tue 01-Sep-20 14:19:44

I've been out since about May/June time, completely lost my oomph. I'm starting back though, aiming to restart with appen and also have a personalisation business that I'm trying to get started! Longer term plan is to get a graphics tablet so I can design svg files to sell on Etsy as a passive income. Fingers crossed! Hoping setting achievable small goals might help keep me motivated this time 🙈

TheSeedsOfADream Tue 01-Sep-20 14:21:34

@morriseysquif- yes last week. Without going into detail it was one they said could have been v serious due to the exact words, but I had clicked through and read the whole thing and it was banter between 2 friends. I'm now hitting "unsure" for loads more!

morriseysquif Tue 01-Sep-20 14:32:52

Thanks for responding @TheSeedsOfADream - I will PM you!

TheSeedsOfADream Tue 01-Sep-20 14:50:52

No probs!

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