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Should i have to pay delivery on a REPLACEMENT item??

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kitsandbits Wed 03-Oct-07 16:24:17

Washing machine broke down a month ago...

long battle ensues ...

Finally it was resolved that they would pick up the old one friday & drop the new one off mondy

just looked on my account and ive been charged £20 delivery fee -

is that fair?

Also the original washer was on 'buy now pay may' - an offer i got in a letter for ANY item over £100

so shouldnt this also be BNPMay?

Thanks x

mishymoo Wed 03-Oct-07 16:27:16

No I don't think you should be charged delivery not if it's a replacement for a faulty machine - tell them to refund the £20 - they are taking the p**s!

kitsandbits Wed 03-Oct-07 16:31:18

Thats what i thought.

And as the original was bought as buynowpay may

am i right in thinking they should apply the 'code' i used for that to the replacement?

DontCallMeBaby Wed 03-Oct-07 16:36:36

I don't think you should, morally, have to pay delivery, but I've had at least one company talk like they've been doing me a big favour by not charging p&p for a faulty item, so maybe it depends on individual company's conditions?

Cappuccino Wed 03-Oct-07 16:38:35

ring em up and raise hell

my dh once went to a shop to buy a telly

they didn't have one in so they said they would order one and they were going to charge him delivery

"My car is outside" he said "the only reason I am not taking a tv home with me is because you haven't got enough stock"

they let him off but I think they do try to sneak stuff past people

ring up

ring up

Carbonel Wed 03-Oct-07 16:47:59

We bought a computer from John Lewis that turnd out faulty so I took it back to the store. Problem was the only replacement thay had was 25 miles away. They offered to deliver it to me the following week but ususal delivery time problems occured and I did not want to have to take a day off work - in the end (afetr much 'discussion' ) we did a deal where dh collectd it and we got a £20 voucher to cover petrol

I wou definitly ring and complain and not give in until they have refunded the delivery charge and given you more back to cover the hassle!!

kitsandbits Wed 03-Oct-07 18:18:10

They are removing the delivery charge -and the buynowpaymay still applies

mishymoo Wed 03-Oct-07 21:58:34

Well done! Some people won't stand up for themselves and this is what alot of companies bank on and that's how and why they get away with this sort of thing!

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