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Please can someone help me with this insurance claim

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saltire Wed 03-Oct-07 11:03:33

We are having to claim back £400+ from our insurance company due to the DHE deciding that we had damaged "fixtures and fittings" of theirs in our last house. We can't contest it due to them threatning DH with disciplinary action, so had to pay up.
The insurance company have asked for receipts and a copy of the licence to occupy agreement (a tenancy agreement to anyone else) stating that we lived in the house on the date and what we were liable for.
Defence estates have written to us saying that "there is no signed copy" and have sent a blank copy for the insurance company to read and see what we are laible for, and a letter stating that although there is no signed copy, they can confirm that we lived in the house on the dates we say we did. DH remembers singing a copy and say that they would have chased him for it,if he hadn't signed it (he signed 6 copies of the one for this house before they finally stopped sending them) and he feels that it got lost during the DHE relocation a couple of years ago.

What I would like to know is this
I am doing a letter, should I put on the letter that we did sign an agreement, and that DH feels it has got lost, or should I just put down that there appears to be no signed copy therefore please accept the letter from DHE as proof we lived there.

I am also wondering, as an aside, if DHE claim that DH didn't sign the licence agreement, then technically we weren't liable for alleged damage so shouldn't have paid!

I'm sorry this is long but believe me this situation, plus the threats to DH have come between me and my health and I want it sorted ASAP. thanks

saltire Wed 03-Oct-07 11:14:15


HappyMummyOfOne Wed 03-Oct-07 19:42:26

Hi, i'll try and help as I work in insurance for my sns smile

What was the damage exactly and who is your insurer? Best to establish there is cover for the claim before going into the paperwork etc.

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