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My ds's school jumpers STILL haven't arrived in the post and were ordered 11th August....

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muppetgirl Tue 02-Oct-07 12:22:02

My son started his nursery in Sept and we bought all the uniform needed from the only designated uniform shop that the school uses on the 11th August. They didn't have the jumpers so we ordered them, paid for them and they were to be posted out in 'a couple of weeks'.

We hadn't heard anything and I phoned a few days before ds started -'They aren't in yet and we're not sure when they will be'. I phoned the next day as I really wanted a date to work toward -'They'll be posted out next monday'.
That was, they say, on the 9th sept (I think)and needless to say the jumpers still haven't arrived.

My dh phoned last week and was told that -'We sent them' to which he obviously replied that we'd still not received them so we would still like 3 jumpers to be resent to us to which they then said -'You will have to pay for three jumpers + postage again.' When dh said 'absolutely not!' they then said they would 'waive' the charge and would post them out on the next Monday (he phoned last Fri morning) we are going to wait till tomorrow before ringing again but,

I want a complete refund so I can then buy the jumpers at school.(I couldn't in the hoildays as the school was shut and is my first child to go to this school.) I entitled to a refund?

Can someone help with distance selling law?

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