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Sorry.. legal thoughts on a vague question about more undesirable individuals..

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moodlumthehoodlum Mon 01-Oct-07 20:23:25

Legal ladies please help!

Can a business and its director become entangled in the bankruptcy/criminal conviction of their tenant, if that tenant lives in their property (I suspect, without any proper legal contract)?

For example, if this tenant has been convicted of deception, and ordered to pay back his victim a considerable sum of money, but hasn't paid them back - when the bailiffs come - would they be entitled to take anything around them - like the fixtures and fittings of the property he's renting?

Sorry - this is one of those vague requests that you probably can't help with, without knowing all the detail?

Thanks anyway anyone?!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 01-Oct-07 20:31:55

no. court orders are against the person, not the address. the contract or lack thereof is irrelevant.

It used to be that the address would be credit blacklisted but I seem to remember they put a stop to that as it was obviously grossly unfair.

moodlumthehoodlum Mon 01-Oct-07 20:39:00

Oh thank you so much. So, if he goes bankrupt (which I'm hoping thinking he will after a possible six months inside) it won't effect her business (which is a separate entity).

Thank you

SenoraPostrophe Mon 01-Oct-07 20:59:57


moodlumthehoodlum Mon 01-Oct-07 21:00:51

Brilliant. Thanks.

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