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kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 13:53:11

Im in tears (again)

my washing machine broke down sep 1st - ive been ringing and waiting for a part

they keep saying it will be monday (i ring onmonday amd they say wed) i ring wed and they say monday ...ect

so i was asking today and the woman was really mean - ive kept my cool everytime but she was really snotty

i said something like 'but its taking the piss' (not nastily) and she asaid im putting the phone dowwn if you swear at me again ( - i said im not swaering at you just the situation

she said i wasnt eligable for a new washingmachine (ive been told i am)

and i completely lost it and told her to foff and put the phone down

im soooo ashamed

im scared they wont help me now

i rang back and told another lady who was nice

but shes said the part is still not in!!!

andf that im only eligable for a new washer after 28 working days of the part being ordered thats anothe r 2 WEEKS TOMORROW!!!

I CAnt do any washing - dont drive - got no money for laundette

my mums donr a couple of bags

but im just fed up

im already sad and this is just too much

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 13:54:12

its been a month - but they go by working days and from when the engineer coame out first (the 6th sep)

Tortington Mon 01-Oct-07 13:55:04

ring the company and ask to speak to a manager - ask for a copy of their complaints proceedure - and use it.

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 01-Oct-07 13:56:20

i'd kick up a fuss and they either get the part by end of the week or send replacement till the part comes - as you've got family washing to do!!!!

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 13:56:31

i asked and she said shes on her lunch hmm (this is 1st lady)

and she will just tell you the same as me

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 01-Oct-07 13:57:24

Still call and ask for a manager and surely theres more than one on in the day??

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 13:58:14

ill wait till 2.30 - if she WAS on lunch she should be back by then

i feel lke an idiot tho - cause i just keep crying, they must think im nutty

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 01-Oct-07 14:00:53

It is a pain when they fob you off but stick to your guns hun x

Tortington Mon 01-Oct-07 14:01:18

no crying. and note down peoples names when they speak to you - if they do not offer their name ask for it.

if you appear to know your rights they will take you seriously - if they can fob you off they will.

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 14:01:25

i want to give THEM a dead line or an ulimatum but when i try they just say something that makes me think im wrong.

i cant do it, i just get too upset

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 14:02:33

i really cant ring again <<<pathetic emotion>>>

beckyeliza72 Mon 01-Oct-07 14:03:55

go and have a cup of tea then ring back and ask for the persons name that u are speakin to, then ask for the manager to call u bck also make a log of times and dates u called and also ask for the complaints department email address that normally scares them into action, and also send email to complaints if u think u have been unfairly treated but ask for a delivery receipt!

bonkerz Mon 01-Oct-07 14:04:09

dont feel like an idiot. I had this for 2 years on and off with my timble dryer. Was dealing with hotpoint/indesit and they would come out say a part needed changing then 3 weeks later would change the part and fault still be there and then another 3 week wait for part etc etc etc this happened every 6 months and i would end up taking 3 days off of work each time waiting in for engineers. One time an engineer turned up with the part then proudly told me he would have to come back another day as he didnt have the tool to fit the part!!! I swear that after the second lot of problems they had changed EVERY part in the dryer!
Insist on full names, insist on speaking to manager and also write a very punchy complaint letter detailing phonecalls and how long etc. I got 2 years insurance when they finally changed the dryer for a new one and the insurance states i can have a new dryer if i get any problems!

beckyeliza72 Mon 01-Oct-07 14:05:04

be tough! ;o)

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 14:06:36

I just read the OP and it sounds like thelady didnt fo much - but she was going on at me for a good 10 mins blush

im gonna have to get DP to ring , but his tempers awful (im normally ok - but this has been going on too long)

Scootergrrrl Mon 01-Oct-07 14:07:29

Listen carefully - you are NOT in the wrong (maybe a little bit to tell her to eff off but I'd have done the same smile)

Like custy says, get the stroppy woman's name, ask to speak to a manager and don't let them fob you off. Point out that you have children and need to do washing, and say something like you chose their particular brand because you believed it to be reliable, and that you thought their customer service would be good - and you're very disappointed in both aspects.

Can you threaten to return it and buy a different one if they keep mucking you about?

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 01-Oct-07 14:10:19

agree with custy always note down peoples names,time & date of when you spoke to them.
They have to give first name but not their surname.

And always ask for a supervisor as you don't seem to be getting any where with the operators you've been spking to don't seem to be very helpful

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 14:41:37

ive decided to just leave it for today.

ill ring again tomorrow

MaureenMLove Mon 01-Oct-07 14:52:41

Go straight to the top. Phone the head office and speak to the MD's PA. I did this after months of problems with a TV we bought from Comet. Exactly the same, part will be here on Monday, no Wednesday, no Monday and on and on. I phoned the CAB, who told me word for word what I needed to say to them and within the week I had a new TV and £50 vouchers from Comet.

kitsandbits Mon 01-Oct-07 19:23:59

My mum rang Additions this evening - being me.
and we may have sorted it out - she phoned additions and it seemed that when we talk to the after sales team tomorrow they may pick it up and ill order another brand.

fingers crossed! (but doesnt hold anyhope)

kitsandbits Tue 02-Oct-07 09:57:53

Just been on the phone to a lady at additions - very sympathetic.

Said we cant have you without a washing machine with 2 little ones - and seemed appauled that it had been left this long.
Sounds promising, shes going to ring me back.

TheMuppetMuggle Tue 02-Oct-07 09:59:48

Well done Kits - lets hope she calls back

kitsandbits Tue 02-Oct-07 10:16:44

Shes just rang back - to tell me shes still trying to contact the 'after sales team'

but theres something wrong with the line - so shes passed it on to aseperate specialist team who deal with things when they go wrong..

who are going to ring me back within 3 hours (better than the 2-3 days i got last time!!)

Will keep you updated!

TheMuppetMuggle Tue 02-Oct-07 11:44:47

Kits make sure they do and shes not just fobbing you off even if she is polite!!

kitsandbits Tue 02-Oct-07 11:47:00

Right different woman has rang now - and said they are trying to get hold of the electricals/aftersales team still, and she will ring me as soon as she does.

And they will stay with me till this is resolved.

I told her i want it picking up and a completely different brand of washer as a replacement.

Soooo waiting again

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