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Savings account for baby?

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NoviceKnitter Mon 01-Oct-07 12:31:09

I've got to open a bank account for LO as she's just been given a cheque. I had a National Savings post office account when I was little. How much have times changed? And is it best to have a seperate account to the child trust fund? Thanks for any thought...

Mumzarello Mon 01-Oct-07 15:23:48

There are loads of accounts out there - dd has this one nationwide smart

CTF can ony be touched when she gets to 18 - depends if you want her to wait until then to get this money. DD has CTF which some of the family put regular amounts into - she also has a bank account which I opened for the few burthday cheques she got - I felt that as it was a birthday present she should have access to it when she is a little older & not wait until she is 18

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