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Working tax credit questions....please advise!

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thelittleElf Sat 29-Sep-07 19:41:50

My sister has told me i might be entitled to these....i had no idea you could claim shock, as a single person with no children?

I'm in a queue of about 1000 people on the phone at the moment, but wondered if anyone on here has tried to, or does claim these, and how easy was it to set up. Also how much money do you get?


TequilaMockinBird Sat 29-Sep-07 19:48:38

Try this for finding out if you are entitled and how much you could get.

Good luck!

thelittleElf Sat 29-Sep-07 19:55:49

Oh thank you, i'll give that a go smile
Bet i won't be entitled to anything hmm

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