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Can anyone tell me how long you need to keep any statements

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SpacePuppy Thu 27-Sep-07 07:32:34

Invoices receipt etc. I need to clear out the filing cabinet and want to know if I could safely throw away old statements?

TheBlonde Thu 27-Sep-07 07:35:32

7 years

SpacePuppy Thu 27-Sep-07 07:37:18

grin Bloody hell, in that case I think I'm just going to leave the filing cabinet as it is.

SpacePuppy Thu 27-Sep-07 11:37:27

So I've been googling and now I have three answers.
1) 6 years if you're self employed
2) 2 years if you're not
3) TheBlonde says 7

So which is it

SpacePuppy Thu 27-Sep-07 13:33:18

So no one knows?

fluffyanimal Thu 27-Sep-07 13:34:50

I only keep a year's worth, same with utility bills etc.

ruddynorah Thu 27-Sep-07 13:36:25

i don't keep any they're on line.

Housemum Thu 27-Sep-07 13:42:35

There's a whole load of stuff on the inland revenue site if you have a few spare hours

Generally, it seems like a couple of years unless you're self-employed, or if you have received a lump sum that might be subject to inheritance tax (eg if you were given a few thousand by a relative, they need to live for 7 more years before that gift to you is free of inheritance tax)

TheBlonde Thu 27-Sep-07 14:59:49

I thought that people had 6 years to chase unpaid debts eg credit cards, loans so it is worth keeping the paperwork for 6 years
(7 to be on the safe side)

BigGitDad Thu 27-Sep-07 21:11:08

Mortgage purposes you may need three years address history if you have moved house in that time. That can be utility bills or bank statements
Pay slips, the last year.
If self employed you just need 6 years of your accounts and associated paperwork kept on file, not all your household stuff.
Blonde, they can chase you after six years if they wish.

Eddas Fri 28-Sep-07 10:05:42

If your self employed you should keep the current year plus the last six years so 7 including the year you are in. The Inland Revenue can have an inquiry into you affairs for six years so that's why.

My personal info(i'm not se) i keep for 2 years(ish), but that's just my opinion on it. I have kept hold of all P60's though not sure whyhmm but ditched the payslips and all other bills/bank statements/receipts

SpacePuppy Fri 28-Sep-07 14:13:54

Thanks, I think the safe thing would be to archive the lot in a box in the loft, and hopefully remember to take down should we move one day!

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