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We hardly ever use our landline - what's the cheapest thing to do?

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franch Mon 24-Sep-07 20:16:11

We seem to spend about £4 or £5 on calls, but about ten times as much on line rental etc. Is there a cheaper way? I think we do need to keep a landline, pref BT ...

LittleMinx Mon 24-Sep-07 20:30:57

We rarely use home phone as both get loads of calls on our mobiles but need phone line for the internet [grins]

We are with virgin media and pay about £12 max a month..... they are pretty shit compared to bt but as we rarely use it i dont care grin

morningpaper Mon 24-Sep-07 20:31:58

no there isn't a cheaper way

you have to pay for the rental if you have broadband

crap innit

franch Mon 24-Sep-07 20:32:43

In what way are they shit minx?

NannyL Mon 24-Sep-07 20:43:57

you can cut bt line rental slightly by going paper free

saving a whole 50p per month! wink

LittleMinx Mon 24-Sep-07 22:20:17

franch........ they are shit in that if you need to ring them up you are in a queue for about a bloody hour...... i had lots of probs when first had them, they didnt turn up right time to connect me up, then they didnt do it right and tried to blame me. it cost me a bomb in phone calls, but after finally speaking to manager they refunded me and sorted my line out......

that was over a year ago and had no probs since then i have to admit, it was just the initial stuff.

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