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time4me Fri 21-Sep-07 20:53:59

Financial dire straits,long story.
Please could you tell me the cheapestand best way to get all three?Currently paying nearly £100 total a month for Sky including premier football (£44)BT (£45)Wanado (just got reduced to £14 from £23,rang up and they reduced it due to a special deal)
17 year old dd never off phone ringing boyfriend on his mobile ( think I may have got that cracked by telling her I found out why my BT bill had shot up)Sky - I got the £44 deal because severely disabled 18 year old loves the football,and watches the premier matches.We can`t go on like this as we are getting into too much debt,dh only works pt and it is costing us a fortune to get him to work as he cannot drive due to complications arising from a brain tumour.We are actually worse off than when he was on benefits,please help,just ONE line of what you have and pay would really help! Thank you so much.

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