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EmmaJW1976 Fri 21-Sep-07 09:56:29

I left work in August. From April to August I had earned £4000 total on which I had paid about £100 a month tax.

I am now getting Carers Allowance which I think is taxable.

So, am I owed some tax back?

Obviously I paid my tax on the basis I would be earning over £10k but I only earned £4k plus £1300 Carers Allowance.

If so, can I claim this now or wait til April.

I will start working just a few hours on a SE basis soon so I am SO confused about everything!

Anyone help?

Bienchen Fri 21-Sep-07 17:47:59

You can only claim back at the end of the tax year, ie from 6 April 08.

If you go self-employed, you need to do a separate tax return for this.

Inland Revenue run useful half day courses on becoming selfemployed, might be useful to call them and find out what they offer in your area.

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