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Best credit card at the moment?

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EmmaJW1976 Thu 20-Sep-07 10:09:57

My 0% has ended on my credit card and I'm looking for a new one but all seem to offer different things and I'm confused!

Basically, I want 0% on balance transfers for at least 12 months and no fee.

Anyone help please? Or are they all basically the same?

Gingerbear Thu 20-Sep-07 10:12:49

these are the sites I always look on for best current deals.

EmmaJW1976 Thu 20-Sep-07 10:22:59

Have just looked and Barclaycard are doing 0% on transfers for 14 months and 0% on purchases for 3 months.

You also get a £50 high street voucher when you purchase on your card (no minimum spend) before 30th November.


charliecat Thu 20-Sep-07 10:25:13

also if you go through you will more than likely get cahback for taking a credit card!

charliecat Thu 20-Sep-07 10:25:22

it might be

janinlondon Thu 20-Sep-07 11:25:23

Emma there is a 2.5% fee on the Barclaycard one - I thought you wanted no fee? See here

EmmaJW1976 Thu 20-Sep-07 13:54:50

Oh yes Jan, thank you!

will not apply for that one then.

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