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dodgy letting agents and their dodgy dodginess

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smallwhitecat Wed 19-Sep-07 20:02:59

Message withdrawn

smallwhitecat Wed 19-Sep-07 20:21:29

Message withdrawn

tribpot Wed 19-Sep-07 20:25:10

I think it is normal for agencies to charge you a ruddy fortune for standard checks. This doesn't automatically make them dodgy, I would ask to speak to one of the owners to ask them what their fees are for. Btw, my bro is a letting agent in London. I couldn't swear that his firm didn't charge the fees - they probably do as it's a standard way of gouging people - but I can put you in touch with him if he can help. He specialises in N1, which may not be appropriate.

iheartdusty Fri 21-Sep-07 08:47:02

when I let out a property I discovered that my agents added the cost of credit ref checks onto their fees which I paid, and ALSO charged the tenants for doing the same checks.

I do not have a high opinion of letting agents.

Re the OP. I am sure that agents can't get access to any official records. They might conceivably phone up your former landlord and ask whether you were good tenants. I imagine they had no idea what the practising certificates meant.
(either that or they have been following Bruce Hyman's case very closely!)

LittleMinx Mon 24-Sep-07 19:28:53

ermmm what the fuck hmm

I work as a sales neg, not a lettings one, but know enough about that side......

£85 for inventory and £170 for admin hmm that is robbery ffs. we dont charge either of those.

we do however charge around £40 i think which is for credit checks......we pay a company to do these, we dont make any profit out of it, and only the prospective tenant gets charged, NOT the landlord too hmm

As for checking out criminal records, that is total bollox, we are not legally allowed to do that.

Change letting agents.......there are some genuine ones out there! good luck

littlemissbossy Mon 24-Sep-07 19:32:44

Used to work for a lettings agent and we charged around £40 for a credit check but if the tenant passed ok we included this as part of the admin fee iyswim so technically they got it back, we didn't make any money on this part either. What you paying £85 for an inventory though?? don't they do their own/do they contract this out??

SenoraPostrophe Mon 24-Sep-07 19:34:22

they're bastards aren't they?

It is standard for them to charge outrageous amounts for a credit check (but not a criminal records check), but that admin charge is very high. We were charged similar once, by an agency that markets itself as being "value for money" to landlords and I would never use such an agency again. It's not just the fees, but the type of landlord such agencies attract (in our case, moneygrubbing, cheating, bodging bastards). Steer well clear.

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