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Need some advice re: letting deposit please! (long sorry)

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Lorayn Tue 18-Sep-07 18:59:11

Ok, my partner and I moved out of our rented property about 5 weeks ago, We hadn't heard anything about our damage deposit in all this time despite contacting the agents continuously.

I got fed up and went round to the landlord who was doing up the property in order to sell up.

He said that the little things that had broken over time (which we had informed the agent about during the tenancy) were not a problem his only dispute was the black marks on the living room laminate flooring.

We had already discussed this with a tradesman who said it is probably rising damp couldn't have been laid properly but the agent contacted us today and said the landlord wishes to keep 196 pounds of the deposit for the floor, we were kind of expecting this so were happy to jut cut our losses and get it over with.

The agent then tried to tell us we had to pay for a cleaning company to go in and clean the house. Now if we had left it dirty and it was being re-let I would understand but my MIL, myself and DP had all been round that house absolutely scrubbing it for three days, I doubt even kim and aggie or anthea could have found any dirt, but apparently they expect all tenants to have the house professionally cleaned.

This cleaning has not yet taken place, and the landlord has been in the house for over a month doing alterations, ripping up carpets, having new heating put in and having new windows installed. Any mess/dirt is obviously going to be a result of this. Surely I do not have to pay for this cleaning company bullshit???

Just wondering if anyone knew where I stood?

Think I will call citizens advice in the morning but am hoping for some kind of answer tonight if anyone can help.


annh Tue 18-Sep-07 19:05:22

Unless it says in your contract that you need to have the house professionally cleaned, then they can whistle for it! Also if the house is now in a mess from renovations, the cost of cleaning is going to be much higher than if the company merely had to do a cosmetic clean so if they really expect you to fork out for it, I would say that they will first have to restore the house to the condition in which you left it as you can't be expected to pay for a month's worth of builders mess.

Lorayn Tue 18-Sep-07 19:48:26

Thats kind of what I was thinking but I'm not the best of people when it comes to standing my ground with professional people!!

MadLabOwner Tue 18-Sep-07 21:16:13

I'm renting at the moment and was worried about the same thing, particularly as the house was filthy when we moved in. I checked the contract though and it said that unless the landlord had had the place professionally cleaned before we moved in (and could prove it) we needn't get it cleaned professionally. Does your contract say anything about this? Otherwise I agree, agent is just trying it on

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