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Anyone else having/had problems with First Plus?

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deepbreath Tue 18-Sep-07 10:37:39

We took out a secured loan with First Plus a few years ago.

We ran into problems meeting the full payments when I had an accident and lost my job. To our immense relief, First Plus were really sympathetic, and drew up a payment arrangement with us. The reduced payments go out of dh's account each month.

The arrangement still stands now, but they are planning to take legal action against us which may result in enforced bankruptcy/reposession. The joy of it is that First Plus will NOT speak to us about it, nor will Eversheds solicitors. Each is saying that the other is dealing with the account. To add to the confusion, we had a card from another debt collection company, and they said they are "always" getting complaints about First Plus. They were just asking lots of questions about the original mortgage (?)

The only thing I can think of is that they tried to take 2 payments in one month (the 1st and the 26th), one bounced because there wasn't enough there to cover it (as it had already been paid out!) We pointed this out to them, they apologised, but every now and again we get a call insisting that we have missed a payment.

Dh is going to the CAB in the morning, but I am really worried. We had a whole year after my accident worrying that we might lose the house as we fell behind on the mortgage payments. That is now sorted out. Now this has come up, and I don't know what to do because they won't even speak to us.

Please don't have a go at me saying "it serves you right for having a secured loan" without reading the full story, but any constructive advice would be gratefully received.


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