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March £10 a day thread 2

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rhij86 Fri 13-Mar-20 08:45:56

Thought I would start a new thread seen as the last one is pretty much full! will post over Otterses' links now.

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rhij86 Fri 13-Mar-20 08:47:19

The usual links, for anyone who needs them, courtesy of @Otterses

Appen/Lionbridge/Isoftstone- micro task or long term ‘project’ sites, work varies from rating ads, the effectiveness of search engines, and voice projects

⁃cashback sites, really useful this time of year if you’re due to switch utilities!

Trading 212/Freetrade

Sites where you can get free shares you can then sell! These work on a referral basis, so please do share your links. Freetrade will only work once per link.

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to ‎£⁠100?

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!
You should sign up to Freetrade! It’s an app for investing in the stock market with no fees. Plus, when you sign up, we both get a free mystery share!

ModSquad, Crisp Thinking - website and social media moderation work

Utest, Testing Time, What users do - website testing

Utest, Testing Time, What users do - website testing

Market research - people for search, angelfish.

Cloud workers/chat from home

Essentially paid to flirt/sexy chat, I can't claim to be too knowledgable about these two!


Paid 'to do' sites. You can offer normal services on the latter two, or do odd things like sell a video of you clipping your toenails on Fivver.

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Frenchdoors1 Fri 13-Mar-20 09:14:39

Thank you for the new thread @rhij86

Flube Fri 13-Mar-20 09:26:29

I just thought that 'please provide your maximum availability' on the B* email just meant, work your arse off. blush

I didn't take it to mean that we have to let them know our maximum available hours.

rhij86 Fri 13-Mar-20 09:27:28

@Flube actually yes that's what I took it to mean as well haha

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Catatemyhomework Fri 13-Mar-20 09:28:47

@Flube, I thought the same!

Buster27 Fri 13-Mar-20 09:32:49

Yeah thats's how I took the maximum availability email too!

Loopyteddy Fri 13-Mar-20 09:44:13

Ha ha ok thanks I was just reading too much into it!

Flube Fri 13-Mar-20 09:49:07

Well that's a relief! I was beginning to think I was just a bit thick. gringin

I also noticed your threats with the boxing gloves @rhij86. My lack of come back is obviously down to my preoccupation of building a bog roll fort. Gotta protect my millions. 🤑

SpockPaperScissorsLizardRock Fri 13-Mar-20 09:57:28

Yep I took maximum availability to mean work on it every spare second you have!

Loopyteddy Fri 13-Mar-20 09:58:24

@Flube nope just me grin

Catatemyhomework Fri 13-Mar-20 09:59:10

A tip if anyone's interested. I have found when using the geolocation button and someone is asking for bus time tables for a specific area, if you go into the address bar, there is a bit in it that says: rd=ssl&q If you change the & to a # it localises the search to the query.

rhij86 Fri 13-Mar-20 10:02:32

@catatemyhomework thanks - great tip!

@Flube - have you done any more LB work this week?

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Sallycinnamum Fri 13-Mar-20 10:04:23

I think I'm going to have to buy a cheapish laptop rather than using DHs fancy Mac. Any recommendations?

ricecrispiecake Fri 13-Mar-20 10:04:50

Hi all!

Just curious how long is it taking everyone to do a task on part 2? I'm worried I'm doing it too quick!

SpockPaperScissorsLizardRock Fri 13-Mar-20 10:10:09

@ricecrispiecake I can do it in 5 minutes if I rush but i'm taking my time with it so generally slower.

Flube Fri 13-Mar-20 10:14:46

@rhij86 I haven't. I had a full free day waiting on the P2 link from B* which didn't blimmin' come! , logged on LB throughout the day but there was FA.

Not logged on since as I've been working B* when free. Plus I still haven't had any LB emails re available tasks, even though I changed it in the settings so that I should receive one hourly. hmm

Going to log on later so that they can't kick me off.

rhij86 Fri 13-Mar-20 10:16:34

@Flube same - spent any free time on B*ne. Will also log in later to keep them sweet.

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Flube Fri 13-Mar-20 10:18:10

@ricecrispiecake I've been letting the timer run down to 6 or 7 minutes.

ricecrispiecake Fri 13-Mar-20 10:26:38

Yeah, I've been doing it in about 7 minutes but letting the timer run.

SpockPaperScissorsLizardRock Fri 13-Mar-20 10:40:21

Well done @Catatemyhomework, you fixed the geolocation button! You should email them and tell them :-)

SNISR Fri 13-Mar-20 11:27:00

I've been letting the timer run too. It would be good if we could track the amount earned.

flameprincess Fri 13-Mar-20 12:07:15

So my first month at this - I did a focus group for People for Research, £75 to critique some government letters - and I've finally finished my 20cogs - have £111 to pay out on that once they turn green (however long that will take!) I have my two free shares but they've been plummeting with the current stock market (it was free money though so I will just leave it where it is).
I just had a bash on Neevo not at a proper job but just the qualifying test - I passed 8/10 but the original instructions seemed a lot to have to remember, I assume it just becomes second nature once you've done a lot of transcriptions?

ifuckarses Fri 13-Mar-20 12:33:49

@Catatemyhomework that's not working for me, when I came the & to # and then search it still says my location at the bottom of the results... I'm probably going something wrong though!

ifuckarses Fri 13-Mar-20 12:34:18

*change, not came sorry.

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