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What Employer doesnt have to give out P60s?

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charliecat Fri 07-Sep-07 16:12:06

I have been offered a job at a nursery. Owner says she doesnt do p60s, instead she fills out a p30 something?
I think this is to do with This is my own only job form, however, I am self employed, and I dont think it would apply to me....and surely ALL employers have to fill in a p60 even if they are earning not enough to pay tax?

flowerybeanbag Fri 07-Sep-07 16:17:46

charlie cat this might help you.
As far as I'm aware an employer must give you a P60.
But are you self-employed or employed...? Or are you self-employed at the moment but will presumably be employed when you start the job you have been offered?

I'm not a tax expert, someone else might have more info, but as I say, as far as I am aware, an employer must give you a P60.

Sam100 Fri 07-Sep-07 16:57:51

Sounds like this woman does not know her arse from her elbow.

The "only job form" is called a P46 - you should fill one of these in unless you have a P45 to give her because otherwise you may end up having emergency tax deducted and not getting the full benefit of your tax code. But only if you are an employee.

If you are working for this woman in a job in a nursery you are very unlikely to be self-employed, unless you have your own business set up and are contracting to do services for her. In which case the whole P60 thing is irrelevant as you will be filing your own tax returns with the taxman.

If you are an employee then she is required by law to give you a P60 at the end of the tax year (by 31 May 08 for tax year 07/08). It does not matter how much you earned or how long you have worked there. There is no excuse for not doing them as they are part of a form called a P14 that she has to fill out and send in to the Tax Office anyway. The P14 has 3 pages - the top 2 go to the Tax Office and the last one is the P60 which goes to the employee.

There is no such form as a P30. There is a P32 but that is simply an Employer Payment Record and details all the tax and NICs the business has paid over to HMRC. It is the total for all employees so unless there is only 1 employee would be meaningless.

You may need copies of your P60 for things like claiming tax credits, applying for a mortgage or loans in the future.

If she still refuses to give one then you can report her to the local Tax Office!

I used to work in payroll before the last baby - so only a year out of date!

charliecat Fri 07-Sep-07 17:27:18

Hmm, see this is what I thought.
I am self employed for myself, ebaying.
If I took her job I would be employed by her, obviously needing P60 etc...frigging hell

flowerybeanbag Fri 07-Sep-07 17:33:00

charliecat this website is Business Link which is very useful for small companies, info about employing people. You could point out that you are sure she needs to provide a P60 for you, and you have come across the Business Link website which looks useful...

Sam100 Fri 07-Sep-07 18:42:16

Charliecat. The fact that you are self-employed doing e-bay does not matter - you can carry on doing that on a self-employed basis - obviously declaring any profits from the business to the Inland Revenue.

You can also take the job with the nursery - if it was your only job then you can still fill in the P46 as it only asks about jobs and not whether you have any other sources of income. Your tax code would be allocated to the nursery job. If you had profits from your e-bay business then these would go on your tax return if you do one.

The woman probably does not really know what she is talking about and probably leaves it all to an accountant to do for her.

If you want to take the job then I would politely ask her for a P46 to fill in - as I presume you do not have a P45 from a job you finished in this tax year i.e. since 6 April 07. If she says she doesn't bother with these then write to your local tax office to let them know the following:

- your name and NI number
- employer's name and address
- date you started work

They will then make sure you get issued with a proper tax code so you do not pay too much tax.

Make sure she gives you a payslip each month that shows:

- your gross pay
- amount of tax deducted
- amount of NI deducted
- net amount paid

The payslip can be as simple as a handwritten one - as long as it shows at least this information and month/week it relates to.

At the end of the tax year in April 08 if she has not given you a P60 by 31 May 08 then call your local tax office and tell them.

Hope this helps.

Sam100 Fri 07-Sep-07 18:44:59

By the way - make sure you keep your payslips!

This is so if you ever need to claim dole or benefits related to work that you can show you paid tax or NICs or were under limits to do so. Might be relevant also if there are any disputes about pay or unfair dismissals etc.

islandofsodor Sun 09-Sep-07 00:39:13

If your earning are going to be less than the Lower Earnings threshhold for National Insurance (£87 per week or £377 per month)then you just have to fill in a P46 which your employer keeps on file, along with a note of how much you are paid.

Your employer does not have to issue a P60 unless your earnings go above that level.

charliecat Sun 09-Sep-07 13:48:37

Ahhh..maybe thats it then. Possibly...hmm.....

somersetmum Thu 27-Sep-07 17:06:32

Agree with islandofsodor
If she ensures that all her employees are paid below the LET, she won't have to issue any P60s, but will need to complete a P38 instead so she is right.

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