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Bankruptcy Hearing

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jane1061 Wed 05-Sep-07 03:49:22

Can anyone please HELP
I've got a very long and complicated case but can anyone tell me about Section 303 of the Insolvency Act of 1986? My case was adjourned in August because as the Judge said that I was 'trying to shoot at a moving target' with how many different figures the Trustees had given me.
When the Trustees last September informed me that they were calling in the debt after 10years and that my house, which has now gained quite a bit of equity, can be on the line if the debt was not cleared be 1st April '07.
Like I said, long story cut short..we agreed a figure of £36,000 for which I had to take a mortgage out on my mothers house. Then they (Trustees) put in other figures which jumped up to £64,000. My solicitor when I walked into her office asked if I could find the extra money!! but due to a good 'builder friend who had worked out the calculation realised that the Trustees had added an amounnt in twice.
Like I said a complicated story in which all I have have heard are they sayings 'A little bit more complicated than we thought' (Solicitors) and 'You'd think'
Please...please can anyone help? my court date is on 20th September, my £4,000 expenses with the solicitor has been money ill used so far as she has managed to give me no advise at all and apparently it was the first time that she had ever used a calculator since becoming a Bankruptcy Solicitor.
I can give more info due to the fact of how my bankruptcy came about (£4,000 originally) and why my ex husband of 11 years is still involved and I'm having to pay off his debt. Someone said that even Eastenders could not wirte a story line like this and now i wished I had taken up all the purvey phone call offers of selling myself when my name went into the papers. At least that way I would have know that I was being totally screwed.

jane1061 Wed 05-Sep-07 03:55:23

I am more that happy to 'sell' my story if anyone is interested. The welfare of my children and their home comes first so I feels now that some of my principals can go out the window and sometimes I wished I had not been honest and naive in the first place.

iheartdusty Thu 06-Sep-07 21:48:06

this is what the section says, but I don't know anything else about it. What do you need to know? if you can be more specific about what you need to know there may be someone along who can help. cted=0&extentMatchOnly=0&confersPower=0&blanketAmendment=0&sortAlpha=0&TYPE=QS&PageNumber=1&NavFrom= 0&parentActiveTextDocId=2519933&ActiveTextDocId=2520349&filesize=4846

jane1061 Fri 07-Sep-07 07:13:26

Thanks for your reply. Iam running on a very short time scale as my case is in court on the 20th sept.
What I want to know is what is the time limit before it has to be put into court?
Can I do it without using a solicitor to try and cut my cost down?
Is it possible (seeing as I'm short oftime) just to write a letter to the Judge and present this a week before my case, stating just the facts of how many balls up the Trustees have made seeing as we had agreed a figure which needed to be paid by 1st April 07?
The stress of this is unbearable..I'll just be glad when its all over

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