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if i claimed on my insurance how much would my premium go up by??

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smeeinit Sat 01-Sep-07 12:24:16

my flooring has got totally wrecked since being a childminder,deep scratching and marks (laminate floor) im thinking about claiming on my insurance but worried next years premium will go sky high, any thoughts on this?

dustystar Sat 01-Sep-07 12:27:35

We claimed for a new bathroom suite a few years ago after dd wrecked the toilet and the sink. I don't think there was much of a change in the premium after. We did claim less than £500 though so that might make a difference.

smeeinit Sat 01-Sep-07 12:43:05

thanks for that dusty,ive never claimed on my insurance before,does it take long to sort out?

dustystar Sat 01-Sep-07 12:46:11

I can't remember really but I don't think it took more than a few days as we needed it done asap. Because we were claiming under £500 they didn't need to come out and look and we were able to get our plumber in and get the work done straight away. I'm not sure how long it took to get the money from them but it couldn't have been long or I would remember it IYSWIM.

NannyL Sat 01-Sep-07 17:30:31

my bosses have recently moved house...

in there old house they made a small claim several months (but less than a year) before they moved.

When they moved house (just under a year ago) they found that most of the insurance companies wouldnt even quote them full stop just because they had made a (small) claim shock

they couldnt believe it!

Only a few companies would quote them and the premium wasnt significantly higher (apparently) [was having this conversation with my boss a few weeks back actually]

just be aware that if you move house in the near future you may find getting any insurance difficult. (they were moving from a normal sized house to a big house btw if it makes a difference)

smeeinit Sat 01-Sep-07 17:35:38

thanks nannyl, i dont intend of moving for a very long time!

HappyMummyOfOne Sat 01-Sep-07 19:20:49

Some companies work on a 20% increase for a claim.

However, they may class the damage to the floor as wear and tear - even an accidental damage policy wont cover wear and tear.

smeeinit Sat 01-Sep-07 19:24:11

thansk for that, mine should cover it as i have a special childminding policy covering for these types of eventualitys! smile

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