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can I pay a dollar denominated cheque froma US bank into an ordinary uk account?

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hatwoman Tue 28-Aug-07 23:07:15


TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 28-Aug-07 23:08:42

yes - you'll get charged by your bank for it though

Milliways Tue 28-Aug-07 23:09:38

Yes, but you will play a handling fee and the cheque will be collected or negotiated.

If Negotiated, you will get immediate value but agree that if it is returned (frequently happens if not endorsed correctly etc) they can debit your account - up to 6-8 weeks later.

If collected, it is posted by snail mail to the US, and when funds sent back to UK (weeks later) it will then be credited to your account.

hatwoman Tue 28-Aug-07 23:09:58

any idea how much?

WendyWeber Tue 28-Aug-07 23:10:22

Yes you can, but they will remove a large chunk of it - if it's for a sensible amount you may not mind, but we had a $10 cheque (20+ years ago grin) which would have been worth c £7, and the bank took £5 shock

Could they send you cash instead, in a casual sort of envelope so nobody will nick it?

Milliways Tue 28-Aug-07 23:17:19

Sorry, can't remember. There is a percentage with a minimum fee (£5?)

hatwoman Tue 28-Aug-07 23:22:02

thanks. looks like I'll have to phone the bank, it's quite a wedge as it's payment for some work. if it was a flat fee that would be fine but a precentage sounds ominous. might have to ask to have it re-issued

SueW Tue 28-Aug-07 23:32:20

Here's some info from Smile. It doesn't look too different from when I worked in banking about a million years ago.

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 23:33:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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