T's the season to be jolly (and earn lots of Christmas money!)

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Otterses Sun 01-Dec-19 08:17:19

I can't believe this has been going for nearly a year! I feel rather emotional blush

I'll pop the list up in a second for any newcomers.

Here's to a fantastic December, and bolstered bank balances for January!

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Starlight2004 Sat 21-Dec-19 16:41:30

Has any

DontCallMeDarling Sat 21-Dec-19 16:18:07

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it's wonderful x

Februarycat Sat 21-Dec-19 15:33:51

@Gachabread Thanks for that info re payment. I will hopefully reach the 1500 in January as I get more quicker and use to it.

Februarycat Sat 21-Dec-19 15:31:02

@lilmishap I am a touch typist and type fast but never really liked doing audio work. I much preferred just straight copy typing. Glad you are getting on well with the captioning work.

GachaBread Sat 21-Dec-19 14:52:49

@Februarycat no messages can be carried over to the next month with Cloudworkers. If you have made under 50 euros in a month then you will not be paid and then that will cary over to the next month.

lilmishap Sat 21-Dec-19 14:46:37

@Februarycat I look out for the British ones! they tend to get rejected a lot if they have northern accents or any British accent for that matter.
For some reason I fail the transcription tests on all the sites I've tried, but captioning I can do quite well.
I think it's the weird capitalisation and punctuation rules, when I'm tapping the daylights out of my keyboard, I use the punctuation I was taught (and remember) and capitals.
I'm very grateful to my nan for teaching me to type as a kid, she did transcription after retirement and made it look easy, it's a real skill!

MoreMoneyPlease Sat 21-Dec-19 14:25:41

I had an email about it, they seem to be quite random about who they send different jobs to!

StudentHelp Sat 21-Dec-19 13:59:38

I haven’t been invited to the neevo task yet and I’ve apparently already got my badge so not sure what I’m meant to do next confused

MoreMoneyPlease Sat 21-Dec-19 13:55:28

Anyone on the new Neevo task? I'm finding it really tricky!

Februarycat Sat 21-Dec-19 13:28:52

Any Cloudworkers know if you can carry messages over to the next month. I have only just started end of this week and no way will I get 1500 done by end of month as I'm a bit slow with just starting and over half way through December. I did e mail but they never really gave me an answer, which makes me think I will lose the messages I do.

Februarycat Sat 21-Dec-19 13:24:09

lilmishap I did a bit on Rev.com doing the Transcription work. I must admit I found it quite difficult as the audio was not clear and a lot of it is US accents, but they do pay on time and weekly. Not done any for awhile now as not keen on transcription. I have not looked into the caption work.

Catatemyhomework Sat 21-Dec-19 12:17:40

Thanks for the tip @lilmishap, I'll look into that. Always good to have something in the pipeline. smile

lilmishap Sat 21-Dec-19 11:57:38

@Catatemyhomework Have you signed up to Rev.com? It's doing subtitles, I started it this week and thought I'd be rubbish but I'm getting better!. Weekly pay and it's easy enough once you get over the initial 'What am I doing' phase.
I'm due £25 this week and I've been doing really short, really easy clips because I'm nervous, it's taken about 5 hours.

MoreMoneyPlease Sat 21-Dec-19 09:33:25

@GachaBread Thank you, that makes me feel much better! The camera thing was so weird. I'll have a look at the FB page for some more tipsfsmile

GachaBread Sat 21-Dec-19 09:05:26

@MoreMoneyPlease Ah so it was a pet food shop one where they use that funny camera thing. Those jobs are hated by all eyes. Nobody is touching them because everybody is getting them rejected. Check out BeMyEyes Facebook page and you will see all the comments regarding them. I tried to one a few weeks back and it got rejected too.

MoreMoneyPlease Sat 21-Dec-19 09:01:34

Ps Merry Christmas to you too! fsmile

MoreMoneyPlease Sat 21-Dec-19 08:59:44

@GachaBread It was a job where you had to take overlapping photos of products on shelving units. I found it really difficult to see on my phone if the photos were lined up with each other or not. I took the photos about ten times trying to get them right! I'm not sure I could have done it any better so won't accept that particular job in future!

anxiouswaiting Sat 21-Dec-19 07:18:28

If you are having trouble accessing the Neevo tests via the link in the e-mail try going to your dashboard and click on skills. At the bottom of the page is where I found the test.

GachaBread Sat 21-Dec-19 01:54:33

@MoreMoneyPlease what was the job? Sorry to hear that you got rejected on it. Blurry photographs and also not enough photographs will be a straight up incomplete and will be sent back to you to either take back or give up if what they are asking for can not been seen.

If it makes you feel any better the work that I approve also gets approved and I have had a few rejections. I just move on and learn from it but for sure it is not a nice feeling and is a pain when it happens.

Roamler on the other hand is on fire at the moment. Glad to see you are doing well with them. Was planning to do a few jobs with them today but Christmas shopping got in the way and the weather.

Kids are off school now so I can not really do much in terms of mystery shopping for a bit.

So I am going to sit back relax and pile on a few extra pounds as you do.

Merry Christmas to you and all you lovely ladies. Hope you all have a good one.

Whatsmyname2019 Sat 21-Dec-19 00:56:40

Out of interest what’s the longest anyone has been with Crisp ?

MoreMoneyPlease Sat 21-Dec-19 00:02:18

Had my first BeMyEye task rejected confused My photos weren't good enough. Fortunately I'd done a couple of Roamler ones on the same trip and they were both accepted. Will know to be more careful for the BeMyEye ones (just hope it wasn't @GachaBread who rejected me!! grin

mumofone2019 Fri 20-Dec-19 23:24:19

@Whatsmyname2019 I was on phase 1 for 8 days, then got an email today saying ive been moved onto phase 2. Now on monitoring and Mod2, so can do either one.

Whatsmyname2019 Fri 20-Dec-19 22:38:15

@mumofone2019 yes phase 1, I’ve started emailing them too. How long before they moved you to live? Are you sticking with the moderating for now? I’ve got my Klipfolio already which surprises me as I read it could take a while

mumofone2019 Fri 20-Dec-19 22:28:27

@Whatsmyname2019 are you on phase 1? I assume that is training still but is the same as the live system. What I did was anything I was even slightly unsure of, I made a list in a word file with the content ID and anything that I was unsure of/what I thought it should be, then sent an email once a day. The next day got comments back to tell me if I was correct, or why I was wrong.
Doing that for a few days helped me feel more confident.

I am on phase 2 now, so the live system and back to feeling a bit more unsure so this time have an unsure button and doing the same thing. Dont seem to have quite as big a list but still clarifying any I am unsure about.

Catatemyhomework Fri 20-Dec-19 22:15:36

@toastytea, you have my sympathies. I remember those days! Things are a little easier now as my youngest is 8, but teenagers....oh god teenagers is a whole new dimension!! grin. Sometimes I long for those days again. I go to bed before them and just leave them to it. I tell them to switch the lights off when they go to bed! grin

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