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Can someone help me with benefits please....

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UCM Mon 20-Aug-07 18:02:45

If a person becomes disabled but has a few bob in the bank, which benefits can they claim which are not means tested? Also which benefits would they get if they could no longer work?

toomuchtodo Mon 20-Aug-07 18:03:24

check out

good luck!

UCM Mon 20-Aug-07 18:03:46

Ah ha, thank you dear

ScoobyDooooo Mon 20-Aug-07 18:05:36

I think they would get DLA - think thats what its called, sure someone with more info will be along soon though

UCM Mon 20-Aug-07 18:09:22

The entitled to thingy isn't any good. A friend broke their back and cannot work anymore, they have a pension, but I wanted to find out if they can apply for benefits as they are now physically disabled.

toomuchtodo Mon 20-Aug-07 18:25:14

am sure they would get tax credits, maybe look up their site?

persephonesnape Mon 20-Aug-07 18:26:10

if they have paid an adequate national insurance stamp they can get incapacity benefit (IB) once this has expired they can get income support on the basis that they are not fit for work. They can only receive this if they have under £16000 in savings and the benefit reduces by £1 for every £250 they have over £3000.

( i think - sorry i am JSA trained, not income support. try the dwp website for more info, or - if you like i'll check teh rules and regulations for you tomorrow when i am at work.)

UCM Mon 20-Aug-07 18:44:08

They have worked all of their life. The problem is they have accepted a lump sum from their pension and a smaller pension. I am thinking that they will have to live off the lump sum until it becomes small enough to claim. It's not a large sum, but is more than 16k. To me, this is a bit bonkers. So I told them I would find out what benefits they might be entitled to that are not means tested.

Perse, that would be great thank you.

persephonesnape Tue 21-Aug-07 12:25:12 incapacity benefit - in a nutshell. this may be helpful for DLA.

if they are being looked ater by a member of their family/friend, they should enquire about carers allowance

hope that helps.

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