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Bloody buyers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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noddyholder Fri 17-Aug-07 10:50:58

We sold our house 12 weeks ago to a couple who offered full price and needed no mortgage but quick sale.They asked us to cancel the open day booked for teh following morning and we did.We subsequently found out they needed a mortgage and they have had 2 surveys(?)everything ok and have mortgage now.We need to rent but have lost several places as they are so slow now at the last minute when we are about to exchange they raised further silly questions and want us to have the boiler and centraql heating system fully serviced before they move in It was serviced in June 06 so I have said no.How can I hurry them along?!?!?!?!

elliott Fri 17-Aug-07 10:55:43

Put the house back on the market. You shouldn't really ahve taken it off until you had proof of funds from the buyers.

LIZS Fri 17-Aug-07 10:56:08

Suggest they take out a British Gas contract(£160 ish pa) and have it done as they move in.

MyTwopenceworth Fri 17-Aug-07 10:58:33

Sounds like they really wanted the house but had trouble getting a mortgage.

They still sound like they are stalling for time - are you sure they've got a mortgage?

PippiLangstrump Fri 17-Aug-07 10:59:35

yes put the house back on the market. that'll scare them off alright - it's a buyer worst fear.

our buyer was the same - no mortgage - cash and still took 4 months. before exchanging solicitor asking things like ' will phone handset be included?' (WTF!!!!) so DH threatened to put it back and we exchanged two days later.

scootermum Fri 17-Aug-07 11:07:33

We are going throudh similar at the mo.Nothing can be done I think, except to say if they don stop faffing around you will put it back on the market.but then you risk losing the sale...
We had a structural survey done on ours as we had sold it once before and the buyers claimed their survey had showed it needed 40k worth of work.Our survey said it was fine but the buyers still wanted a huge discount which we refused to give them..we lost a house we had had surveyed as a result..anyway we showed the new buyers our survey just to be nice really..they quibbled over the fact that thhe living room had once been two rooms and was the beam in the middle strong enough?(the room was converted in 1900)They had a surveyor come round and he said the beam wasnt up to modern buliding standards and wasnt strong enough, even though there is nothing wrong with the house..(house was built in 1850 so no surprise the beam isnt up to modern building standards)He did some calculations and sent a report to the buyers and to our surveyor..they demanded 2k off the house to strengthen the beam..our surveyot pointed out that the calcualtions were in fact incorrect and their surveyor admitted this...but then said the beam needed fireproofing, (which he hadnt put in his original report) and that would cost a grand..which the buyers are now demanding off the price..So I dont know what to do really..but I know what Id like to do to them!
Im sure they are just trying to stiff us out of a grand but this has been going on so long and if the sale falls through we will lose yet another house, so we may just have to give in...
Its all so frustrating!

noddyholder Fri 17-Aug-07 11:21:17

They are also asking if the downstairs flat (it is a 3 storey and we are in upper 3 floors)has ever been inspected to check they aren't in breach of their lease ie selling liquer etc!!!!!!!!We have said exchange by Monday or all off!

PippiLangstrump Fri 17-Aug-07 11:54:28

I think some people by being over cautious become ridiculous.
If you buy a period house you cannot expect it followed modern way of building certainly.

Anyway everyone who buys a place should be made aware that finding nasty surprises of some sort is unavoidable IMO!

miljee Sat 18-Aug-07 12:39:01

You have to grit your teeth and remember there'll ALWAYS be another house if the one you want falls through.

Put the house back on the market (maybe giving them a day in which to 'commit', to the extent that the crazy house buying/selling laws in the UK permit).

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