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Has anyone done the probate/grant of responsibility thing and can help me please.... swimming in paperwork

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lunavix Sat 11-Aug-07 09:47:44

My sister nominated me to sort out our mother's 'estate' if you can call it that, I don't know exactly where to start. There's no will.

Do I apply for the grant first then start contacting companies? Or contact them now, find out amounts etc then apply for it when I've got a better idea of her finances?

Tinker Sat 11-Aug-07 10:44:01

lunavix - my mum died recently without a will. Go and see and solicitor and see what they say. How complicated it all is depends on teh size of teh estate (ie if inheritance tax comes into it) and number of differnt accounts/policies etc. Have a look on teh probate website - they have list of things that need to be done.

Contact companies straightaway to tell them. Contact everyone. Most companies aren't too bad but some are useless. Don't forget pensions as well.

Tinker Sat 11-Aug-07 10:45:33

Something here

Beetroot Sat 11-Aug-07 10:46:25

dh is executor of his mums will and is doing the same thing. He is out at present but would be happy to talk to you. email me at beetroot beetroot @ hotmail. co .uk.

Tinker Sat 11-Aug-07 10:47:10

More useful

RubyRioja Sat 11-Aug-07 10:56:37

Sorry for your loss. I know it is difficult to know where to start. My dad did not leave a will, but my mum did, which was easier.

Would agree need for solicitor depends on value of estate. I would say if your mum owned property, then you will probably need one, even if you don't think inheritance tax will be due.

This link is good for listing all the people you need to contact, especially if your loss is very recent.

The probate service are really helpful and very gentle as this is a difficult period for most people.

In practical terms if your mum lived in rented accommodation, you may be under time pressure to move her things. If owner occupier is is a bit less pressured.

Your mum's bank accounts will be frozen as soon as you notify them of your mums death, so direct debits etc will be stopped and utilities will try to contact her unless you make yourself known to them.

You can contact probate service to get application pack, but lots of the info you need only emerges after dealing with lots of suppliers etc.

This may sound a bit previous, but if you don't have lots of spare cash, you may want to look for insurance policies that nominate you as the recipient as lots of people do this to pay for funerals etc and may help you to pay for ongoing things such as insuring your mums house whilst sortingthings out - also electricty etc. Notify your council as tax will be stopped until 6m after probate is granted.

If no insurance policies, then banks can pay funeral directors directly from your mum's account which can take the pressure off a bit. Also can be offset against inhertance tax.

Sorry if this sounds heartless, but I know how the pressure of sorting funds did not help my grieving at all.

How far along the process are you, then I can try to be more helpful?

RubyRioja Sat 11-Aug-07 10:58:17

I also redirected post which was not v expensive, but if meant important letters did not languish for days before I got them and did not build up showing house was empty.

Tinker Sat 11-Aug-07 19:00:26

Yes, meant to add that I'm sorry for your loss as well lunavix. You seem to have a lot on your plate atm

ajol Sun 12-Aug-07 10:40:59


Sorry for your loss and the added stress of having to deal with the probate.

I recommend yoou contact the SWW Trust Corporation ( They will give you as much or little help as you need for an hourly rate. Lots cheaper than a solicitor too.

If you want to email me at and will give you more information.

Take care

Amanda O'Leary

mummypoppins Mon 13-Aug-07 11:48:58

Hi Lunavix.............I am a probate solicitor. I know we are expensive but if you need a solicitor's help then I will do a discount for mumsnetters. Reply to this and I will let you have some contact details.

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