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Help me! think me boiler is broken!! how much to fix it??

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lisad123 Tue 07-Aug-07 22:48:05

My boiler seems to have given up on me Its a older style cental heating system with a back boiler behind the gas fire in the livingroom. We had asked for a quote from a company a few years back to replace the Ch system but never arrived. I know they cant just replace fire and back boiler now
Any ideas of cost of new Ch system with 7 rads??

Can anyone recommend a good worker in Herts?

many thanks


Eddas Wed 08-Aug-07 12:45:27

oh dear i have no idea on cost but am bumping for you.

my dh works in a plumbing centre so will check later and if you've had no other responses i will get him to give me an idea.

Also, i would get a recommendation for the fitter, not just put a pin in yellow pages. Ask at a local plumbing centre. they will know loads of plumbers and will be able to recommend one if not more!

evenhope Wed 08-Aug-07 14:22:29

We had to have a new boiler. We stupidly went to British Gas and they charged us £3400 (which we don't have)

3madboys Wed 08-Aug-07 14:35:36

we had a back boiler in our old house, it broke and they pulled it out and gave us a new combi boiler on the wall in the kitchen, they didnt have to change the radiators but did have to pull up the floorboards to change all the piping as it was the wrong size? it was a pita i was overdue with ds3 and it was a week before xmas so the only people we could get to do it where british gas, but they came out and did the whole lot in two days over a weekend when i explained i was overdue and had a birthing pool in the living room

i cant remember the exact price now, but i do know that if you get tax credits etc then you may be entitled to a warm front grant, type it into google and you should just be able to apply on line, and they could give a grant that would cover the cost of a whole new heating system or at least part of it.

RubySlippers Wed 08-Aug-07 14:37:19

how near are you to the Essex side of Herts
i can recommend a great plumber/electrician if you are around that area

janinlondon Wed 08-Aug-07 14:52:48

We have just been quoted £2000 (plus vat) to replace a boiler only - not to replace rads.

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