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August earn £10 a day thread

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Otterses Thu 01-Aug-19 07:38:18

A big thank you to to @reddA for compiling this list smile

Here aren't rules, as long as you've made some extra cash. So from eBay to remote jobs to saving money by switching your house insurance provider - it all counts.

Please don't discuss any clients on the thread or ask for extra information that may compromise Non Disclosure Agreements.


Passive Income
(These applications both look at your viewing habits, have a good think about whether or not you’re comfortable with this)

MobileXpression - amazon vouchers - about £100 a year
Nielson Mobile - various vouchers - about £100 a year

Work at home 'jobs'
Appen Connect Various long term tasks, apply for as many as you want but the wait time does vary to be offered a project.
Appen Global - Smaller tasks, some more arduous than others.
LionBridge Lengthy application process and tests.
Crispthinking Risk Analyst Social Media, very flexible, can be a long waiting list.
Cloudworkers Adult Chat, Text via PC
Clickworker Small projects
Modsquad Moderating Jobs

Surveys and Market Research
Prolific Academic
People for Research
Populous Live

What users do Test Websites
UTest Test websites looking for bugs - can be quite technical
User Testing Test websites
RedWigWam Jobs, Mystery shopping etc.
Opinion Outpost
Better Points

Top Cash Back

Daily Free Entry
Free National Lotto
Pick My Postcode

Free Horse Racing (Pick 7 Horses)
William Hill Lucky 7

Matched Betting Tips/Tools
Team Profit

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Otterses Thu 01-Aug-19 07:56:45

Hi everyone grin ! Hope you all had a fabulous July, and will have an even better August.

I had a bit of a disappointing month last month, Crisp was quite slow for me, and Roamler/Bemyeye didn't have anything in my city to do over the month which knocked me back a bit. I'm trying to be a bit kind to myself as £500+my rebate was still pretty good considering I'm out of the house 7:30-6:30.

I'm aiming for £600 this month, I'm 12 months into my Appen project in September, so I'm hoping to maybe get back into matched betting to supplement that.

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Otterses Thu 01-Aug-19 07:58:40

Another fab post from Jon over at the money shed if anyone else is thinking of getting back into matched betting this month grin

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reddA Thu 01-Aug-19 08:43:12

Morning, happy August everyone grin Thanks for the new thread @Otterses. I managed £945 from Crisp but it was a complete struggle the last 2 weeks, hoping it will pick up as target for August is £1000

lannister Thu 01-Aug-19 09:03:44

August already. Wow. Well my July was beyond disappointing. I'm looking forward to getting back into matched betting. Hopefully my cash back actually hits my account this month. Will just stick to £10 a day for my August goal.

whatthewhatthewhat Thu 01-Aug-19 09:24:01

Did anyone do Appen 509? I'm sure they didn't pay me for all my submissions! 😡 They don't itemise so I'll have to contact them!

@reddA that's still an amazing amount for Crisp! Well done!

Bemystarlord Thu 01-Aug-19 09:24:39

Hi everyone just checking in
My totals are:
Appen Global - £298
Appen - £60
Cloudworkers - £65

So not as good as i’d hoped but better than last month smile

Problem is i don’t have any projects on either Appen at the moment. Really hoping there is something else coming soon or i hear from crisp 🤞

margaritasbythesea Thu 01-Aug-19 09:28:24

Thanks for the new thread Otterses and to redA for the summary post.

Still just on Nile here, plus a few survey things. I'm thinking of seriously tackling online tutoring in September, so I'll post what I find out about that.

I've just moved house. It's lovely but it eats money!

TheLolaMontez Thu 01-Aug-19 10:22:57

Hello all!
I'm in a bit of a pickle and need to make £836.08 by the 16th of August 🙁 can't see that happening but anything close would be amazing.

For August I'm aiming to do 2 hours in a morning of cloudworker and another hour when DD is sleeping so that should be around 300 messages minimum so £30 per day, if I do that every day in August I should make £930 by the 31st so that is my target plus any added extras on top!

I could really do with any ideas for making fast money, I don't have the funds for matched betting right now, feeling a bit stressed blushsad

I've got a craft fair on Saturday so maybe I'll make a fortune there... keep your fingers crossed everyone!

AdaShelby Thu 01-Aug-19 10:27:22

Wow August already

I'm crisping like mad this month hopefully

CatHopeful Thu 01-Aug-19 10:58:10

Wow reddA that's amazing! I can't begin to understand how it's possible to make so much on Crisp!

My Crisp total for last month is just over £130. I'm happy with that considering the first couple of weeks were training data and I was unsure what I was doing so didn't do too much. Plus it's been summer holidays so I haven't been able to do as much as I would like. And it's been slow when I have been able to log on.

When I began Crisp I thought that I'd be over the moon if I could reach anything like £100 per month, but now, that doesn't feel like enough!

August has the same summer holiday issue, so I guess I'm aiming for £100 again, but would really like to be able to step that up in September.

whatthewhatthewhat Thu 01-Aug-19 11:24:20

Finally made it to $10 with UserCrowd. Took a month! But it takes literally seconds to do their tests... I guess it all adds up!

link here

justtheonethen Thu 01-Aug-19 11:40:24

@whatthewhatthewhat they haven't paid me for all of mine either!

I have made £850 on crisp and have a few missing ones. It's been a real slog this month though.

Also got £45 on appen and £35 for a respondent interview.

DontCallMeDarling Thu 01-Aug-19 11:43:03

Not great month about £80 made but I did spend half of the month on holiday. Yet to hear from Crisp or Modsquad. Appen also no more projects lined up. Have fingers in other pies so less see how they pan out this month. Good luck to everyone and well done on some great amounts.
@TheLolaMontez I have my fingers crossed for you

MrsWombat Thu 01-Aug-19 11:43:32

Hello August!

Hopefully just under £200 from Appen for me this month, plus another £200 from doing some virtual admin work.

A Crisp invite would be really nice in time for September. grin

whatthewhatthewhat Thu 01-Aug-19 11:53:56

@justtheonethen oh good! (Not just me!) lol

seizethecuttlefish Thu 01-Aug-19 12:25:59

I'm still waiting on Crisp and ModSquad too but thinking starting Crisp this month would have been torture! Cloudworkers training on Monday.

DontCallMeDarling Thu 01-Aug-19 12:31:14

@seizethecuttlefish Good luck with Cloudworkers, it's on my list but I'm still not sure.

anxiouswaiting Thu 01-Aug-19 12:32:22

I'm aiming for £600 again this month. My maternity ends in 3 weeks and then I start getting paid annual leave so it will be nice to have that coming in again but I have to save it for the advance childcare fees for when I do go back to work.

Still have my Inari-C on Appen which is my £10 a day and I am hoping to do better on Crisp this month.

Had a house deposit refund cheque this morning for £270 as the new rules mean our landlord had too much from us now they are only allowed 5 weeks deposit. Not counting it in my total but hoping to convince DH that it would be a good pot of cash to use to try matched betting.

Also hoping hmrc will finally give me my tax refund this month as its been showing that my claim is pending for ages now.

SpockPaperScissorsLizardRock Thu 01-Aug-19 12:34:14

I've just invoiced $336 for Appen so i'm pleased with that. Also my contract on Nile has been renewed for a further 6 months. Yay!

I hope no-one minds me reposting this but i think it got missed at the end of the last thread...

Finally found you all again!

Not sure if this has been shared yet but i have just found an Ad company called Gener8. It's a browser extension and it displays customised ads on lots of pages including mumsnet and you ear whilst you surf.

You have to refer 2 friends to get a payout though which is a bit annoying. But if anyone wants to try it out please use my referral link. I'm up to a tenner now after about a week.

Flippant Thu 01-Aug-19 12:46:10

@anxiouswaiting does this extra income count against your SMP? I'm on mat leave but worried that earning any income will jeopardise my pay. Thanks

Jaffacakebeast Thu 01-Aug-19 12:55:44

I got Appen payment today so missed July target sad hoping for £700 August tho smile thinking I’m going to try crisp, not bk to uni till October so plenty of time

anxiouswaiting Thu 01-Aug-19 13:28:42

@Flippant I would check the rules for yourself and your circumstances, but the reading I did said that if you get SMP you can earn on a self-employed basis and it won't affect you. But if you get MA then you can't earn anything extra.

I have been careful to only do things which I am freelance/self-employed while I was getting SMP, eg RedWigWam if you do stuff for them you are an employee so it might affect SMP

BeeMyBaby Thu 01-Aug-19 16:06:00

I finished the month with £500 from crisp (but due to being slow it was equivalent to under minimum wage, probe about £3 or £4 per hour in the last couple of weeks), and £60 from Utest which was amazing as it was just a 45min chat while I did some stuff online and they viewed my screen.

Otterses Thu 01-Aug-19 17:39:01


First things first... CALM! Stressing is not going to help anything, you can do this. I think you're wise not to put all your eggs in the cloudworker basket.

Have you done Trading212 and Football Index? Though football index would need you to spend £25, but you'd get that plus £50 back in around a week. And the oh my dosh lightening pay outs (that alone would give you enough to start matched betting!) no risk casino is a good one for you too - especially when you're feeling tired/have a spare few minutes. The MrQ offer would be a fantastic one to get you a good amount to start matched betting with.

I'm sorry 😂 I'm very tired. That all looks very repetitive.

So you sign up, verify your identity, and you get 24 hours free bingo. There are usually only 3-4 people playing as the prize is only £1.50-£2.50, which means you've got really good odds of winning. You can do tickets in advance too.

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