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Why are some companies so bl**dy fickle???

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TheQueenOfQuotes Wed 01-Aug-07 12:42:20

Just called up to make a payment to one of our creditors (last one left specficially from the business). Turns out that the payment I made at the start of July didn't go through . "not to worry" says she on the phone, "partly our fault for not telling you, we'll just give you a months grace period and carry on as we are" (it was partly my fault too as I forgot that I'd got a new when they tried to use the one they had on record of course it did't work).

Anyhow, that's lovely of them, means I don't have to find an extra £61 this month. BUT 2yrs ago when we were struggling to pay them and we asked for a month "payment holiday" they were having NONE of it, didn't want to know!!!

However, I think we've only got 2 payments left after the one I made today (one of them a smaller figure - shall find out tomorrow when I get the receipt as she's going to put the balance on the slip) so then at the end of this month I'll just pay it all off.

And that will be another debt cleared

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